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Jul 27, 2013 07:44 PM

New Treadwell location in NOTL

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Great to hear your comments about the new Treadwell. My wife and I will be spending the weekend in NOTL and have booked a dinner at Treadwell's. We were a bit nervous about the change as the Port Dalhousie location was a favourite for us. Comparing it to Peller is a big plus for me as that is my favourite resto actually in NOTL. We have dinner there on Friday night. It's going to be a great foodie weekend!!

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  1. Hope you enjoy your weekend! As long as you don't expect the space to feel anything like the Port Dalhousie location, I think you'll be fine. From what I understand, the space is maybe 1/8 the size of the PD restaurant. Personally, I would sit on the patio if the weather is nice. Close enough to the street to do some people watching, but tucked away enough that you don't feel you're on display.

    And if you're looking for breakfast on Saturday morning, I recommend going to the small, but truly local farmers market in the Shoppers Drug Mart plaza on Niagara Stone Road. Grab a breakfast sandwich or an eggs benny from The Yellow Pear. Good stuff, made fresh with local ingredients and a really good value. Plus you can pick up whatever fruit is fresh to snack on through your weekend.

    1. Was just at Treadwell tonight and worked my way through the entire appetizer menu. I can highly recommend the smoked duck breast (sliced very thin, almost a duck proscuitto), the scallops and the heirloom tomato dishes. I'd skip the Pingue proscuitto, personally, as it needed more acidity to balance the saltiness. The fried courgettes were well prepared, but less interesting to me than the other 3 apps.

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        Wow!! Looks like you've got yourself a 'personal canteen'!!
        Have you set up an account with them yet?! Ha!!

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          We had our dinner at the new location in NOTL on Sunday. The spot is very different from the old location as TorontoJo commented. The indoor restaurant is very small. The open kitchen is a nice touch with about a dozen bar stools overlooking the cooking area. There is also seating for about 20 inside. The best dining experience is to be had on the patio.

          Nice touch. When we arrived, James recognized us from the old location and offered up a couple of glasses of sparkling wine on the house. I asked how the new location is working out and he said business is booming. That's for sure, several were turned away while we were dining. Don't even think of going on the weekend without a reservation.

          We also had the duck salad and heirloom caprese salad. Both were excellent as TorJo described. For the main, I had the prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin and my wife the poached white fish in a corn veloute. Both dishes were well executed. The only disappointment was that the menu no longer had the tasting option that I always enjoyed.

          James mentioned that they will continue to have winemakers dinners in the winter. Apparently they also have a great space in basement.,

          This is definitely a restaurant worth visiting.

        2. i miss the soup and sandwich combo. boy was it one of the smoking deals when this place first started...[is it just me or did the prices take a jump to reflect the real estate price difference...] wish it was off the main drag, however.

          1. thanks for the comments, I saw the new location unexpectedly on a vist to NOTL a few weeks ago and was heartbroken... no, really HEARTBROKEN... I loved the old place that much. I will try here, because I do love his food, but - oh, boy - that waterfall; NOTL has nothing like it. Why oh why?

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              Why? Because the landlord at the old location was about to increase the rent to an untenable price. And because the new location on the main drag of old town NOTL has 1000% the traffic as their old location and they have been serving a consistently full house since day one. Plus they got a great deal on the rent from the owners (Victorian Suites Inn). It just made sense from a business perspective.