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Jul 30, 2013 04:05 AM

Brunch near Walnut Street Theatre?

My daughter is in a show on Saturday for her camp at Walnut Street Theatre and we wanted to do brunch before hand. Any good places within walking distance?

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  1. Jones is not too far away and good for kids.

    1. Caribou Cafe serves weekend brunch I believe.

      1. I agree that Jones would be good for kids. Never had brunch there, but imagine it would be good.

        Another option would be the recently opened cafe at Talula's Garden. (208 W. Washington Square) There are a bunch of tables, but I think you order from one of two counters with chalkboard menus, rather than being waited on. I got there very early one morning before work, and they had just put out a beautiful looking frittata. I had a lemon scone that was outstanding, and I'm not even a big scone fan.

        There's also a Pain Quotidien near the Walnut Street Theatre.