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Jul 29, 2013 11:09 PM

Last-minute dinner help in Hong Kong would be appreciated!

We're in Hong Kong unexpectedly just for the night on the way back to the States from China. We'd love a delicious (of course!), mid-priced meal tonight, but after a few weeks in China, we have Chinese-food fatigue. Any recommendations for a non-Chinese restaurant on short notice that's fun and yummy and not outrageously expensive?

Much, Much appreciated!

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  1. would help if u tried to narrow it down? everyone has a different definition of "expensive" and perhaps you can start there?

    1. ABC Kitchen is a decent option that serves western dishes.

      About USD$35 for 3 courses.

      1st Floor, Queen Street Cooked Food Market.

      1. The latest craze in HK - Spanish tapas! Here's a post by PhilD on 22 Ships: