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Jul 29, 2013 08:38 PM

Disappearing mid atlantic food

Latest Food Arts has a fine piece on rapidly disappearing regional foods eg pepperpot, shad, shore platter, snapper soup, box stew etc. I don't have a link but it may be available on the web. Worth the search.

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  1. when I saw this title I thought: while we can find shad roe in season at the market, it doesn't appear on many menus. pity.

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        Thank you. I really enjoyed that article.

      2. Really interesting article, and sad. My introduction into regionalized American food was Jane and Michael Stern's Goodfood, which, in a collecton of essays more than reviews, focused on restaurants throughout the country that, as of the book's publication in the 1980's, maintained the local culinary traditions and had not yet succumbed to the ever encroaching tide of fast food and chains. We were traveling a lot in those days, which, of course, was before the internet, and the book became our travel guide, informing us of out of the way places in different parts of the country that we would have never known about, and which offered an experience rather than just a meal. We tried as many of these places as we could. I'm sure that most of the restaurants that Jane and Michael visited are gone now, and when they closed, they left a void that will never be filled.

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          I had a similar experience with using the Stern's book as my compass point when traveling during that time period. Some of my fondest food memories are of the those meals.