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Jul 29, 2013 07:48 PM

Emergency food supplies: need suggestions for ono foods that keep well

Tropical Storm Flossie caused me to look through my emergency food supplies, and the result was I tossed out a lot of outdated canned goods.
Since I'm needing to resupply, I thought I'd ask for suggestions for ready-to-eat foods that can handle long storage. What are you stashing?

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  1. dinty moor beef stew
    dried fruits

    1. I would probably stick to the canned good to be honest. They are easy to store, have a long shelf life (must check dates before buying) and are relatively inexpensive. Of course water. Dry fruits are also decent and Jerky. I personally would avoid nuts, I do believe the oils can go rancid eventually. Please correct me if I'm wrong anyone.

      But what we usually do is replace the stockpile once a year anyways, and eat the food to keep things semi fresh.

      The reality is though if you have a decent size kitchen and are a cook/foodie like me if there was an emergency we could last a couple weeks just on what we have around. When we had a 3 day power outage I ended up having to share with the neighbors. They had an empty fridge and I had 80 or so bananas and just cooked a 20 lb turkey. Yes I over cook.

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        you're right about the nuts. I was thinking just for the duration of the storm, but reread honu's post.

      2. I always have that 6 pack of canned chicken on hand from Costco, granola, cereal bars, illy ground coffee (I make it on the burner of the grill - boil water use a plunge pot/French press, Classico spaghetti sauce, matches in a tin, I could very easily go for a few days with what we have always in house. My pool would supply the water for toilet flushing and the dog would eat as well as any other day. I hoard empty 1.75 litre vodka bottles to fill with water and always have Perrier on hand anyway.

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          Good point on the coffee. A few years ago when we had the 'big' earthquake one of my friends was an absolute wreck until we finally tracked down some coffee for him. He refused to drink instant, refused to drink cola, oi what a pain.

          I always have spam on hand, most of the time canned chicken, tuna, chili, pork and beans. I'm afraid I'm not a canned stew or canned corned beef guy, but they are both good suggestions. For vegetables I do usually have canned corn on hand, don't like most other canned vegetables, although I can deal with canned green beans. I don't exactly keep these for emergencies, they are just part of what I have in the pantry most of the time. Even if they are past their prime, most is still edible, maybe just not as flavorful. And of course I always have both brown and white rice in the house (in the fridge to keep the bugs away).

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                most canned chicken is in cans slightly larger than tuna cans, although I have seen whole canned chicken, but I have never bought it that way. The canned chicken is great for a quick chicken salad sandwich, or maybe included in some stir fry or fried rice.

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                  Here is a link to some images, the whole canned chickens seem to be not as dry as just the canned white meat.

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                    We had a Campbell's Soup plant in my hometown where all they made was canned Swanson's chicken and canned Swanson's Chick Broth.

                2. I got tired of rotating canned foods, jerky etc, and ended up wasting a lot because by the time I looked, everything was expired. I bought a bucket of food,packets rom Costco,that has a 20 or 25 year shelf life

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                    are these available from Oahu costcos as well as online>?