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Jul 29, 2013 06:49 PM

Hatch is back

I saw Hatch chiles at the downtown Whole Foods. 33 cents a pound (sale pricing). This seems a little early, but no complaints. The only thing I like about August in Austin are all the Hatch choices.

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  1. I missed their $.33/lb sale last year. It seems early for them to be running the sale. I'm not ready for them yet - I hope they're still on sale next week.

    1. heb had mild hatches available last last week (thursday/friday) but i didn't note the prices.

      1. time for Hatch--- mac and cheese, Hatch bread, hatch ommlets.... yay hatch it baby

        1. Got some at the WF here in SA the other day, the hots were nice and spicy!

          1. $2.78/lb at the Slaughter HEB yesterday, $.68/lb at Central Market. The "Milds" were more of Medium. Made a big 3lb batch of Green Chile Sauce (about a half gallon).