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Jul 29, 2013 06:42 PM

Best bar food in Santa Fe.

I'm looking for suggestions as to the best places in Santa Fe to eat at the bar, either as a single, or couple. It doesn't have to be the best food in town, but needs to be a fun scene, and a great place to talk with the bartender and the person on the next stool. Good wine by the glass, local brews and flat screen TVs are a plus, but not necessary. I've liked Pranzo and El Meson over the years. Wonder if they're still good.

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  1. Both Pranzo and El Meson are fine, more for scene than chow.

    Bars with a little more chow centricity: Ristra (Southwest/French), La Boca (Spanish, significantly better than El Meson), Shibumi (ridiculously good Japanese small plates), Secreto (craft cocktails and small plates).

    Also consider the communal table at Tuneup Cafe.

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      Hasn't Shibumi closed? I thought I read something about that here.

    2. Luminario I think is the name, in a cool hotel. Awesome spot. Just went through Santa Fe and that was the spot.

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        Thanks for the replies. Planning a few day hiking trips up in the Pecos, now that we have had some rain. Nothing like a cold beverage, good food, and great bar conversation afterward.

      2. The bar room at Rio Chama meets just about all of your criteria. I'm not crazy about the restaurant itself, but the bar is actually quite pleasant, and they have one of the better burgers in town now that we've lost Bobcat Bite (at least temporarily).

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          Interesting, I've been curious about that burger for a while now, thanks for the heads-up.

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            Thanks. Was there a few years ago and forgot about it. It is a nice place to hang out.

          2. Try the bars at either Del Charro or the Shed. Both are enjoyable and have good libation choices.

            The Cowgirl is a hoot, but may have limited wine selections.

            the Jer