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Salem, NH, Anything worth trying or nearby, ethnic food welcomed.

Fam will be spending a few days in the Salem NH area and are looking for any recs for nearby good dining. Not looking for chain food.

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  1. There is Tuscan Kitchen. I've only been to their market which has a nice selection of cheese, pasta, meat, baked goods, etc.

    I've heard good things about Kashmir Indian Restaurant.

    1. I second Tuscan Kitchen. The restaurant is very good. I grew up in Salem NH and I don't think there are any other restaurants worth visiting. Friends and I try to meet for lunch (went to the Tuscan Kitchen last spring) but have ended up meeting in a different town.

      1. If you go to Tuscan Kitchen, try what they do best, anything with their fresh made daily pastas.

        1. I livef in Salem and totally would not reccemend eating at Tuscan Kitchen.
          We found after many times, that the foods is so underwelming for the [price. So many issues that it is not worth it for the price that you pay.

          I would however say shop at the Market and make something special at home.

          Jocelyn's Mediterranean in Salem is good.
          We also like Lucciano's Cafe in Londonderry

          Kashmir is an absolute MUST!!

          Trattoria Amalfi is also quite good.

          ALso for Breakfast Try Maddie's,

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            I agree on the Tuscan Kitchen. I was not too impressed with the market, and the cafe food we had there was not very good. If you've been to an Italian market in Boston, it just doesn't compare. I like the idea of going to Lawrence for ethnic offerings, and they have a little Italian place that just makes stuffed fried dough balls, can't remember the name, I just know its at the end of the Main Street in the city center, across from Tripoli Bakery.

          2. Tuscan Kitchen has a good market with good lunch options. For eat-in Italian, I prefer Trattoria Amalfi or even Ralphie's Cafe Italiano (red sauce American Italian).

            If you want to venture out of Salem, Cafe Azteca on Common St in Lawrence MA has good, fresh Mexican for eat-in; I like Tacos Lupita in Haverhill on Rte 110 for to-go.

            Phoenician in Haverhill MA on Route 110 (near the methuen border) has a good selection of mediterranean foods (grape leaves) for eat-in, and Korbani's Market in Methuen (Swan Street) has good stuff in that vein to go.

            Maddie's has good bagels and lox in Salem. If you have access to a kitchen/oven, try Thwaite's Market in methuen's British pub style pork pies.

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              I secound Tacos Lupita for Burritos. There is also another location on 28 in Lawrence right over the Mathuen line.

              Maddie's is going out of the bagel business.They only have 3-4 types of fresh bagels and are now focusing now on more specials. For better bagels try Main St Bagel's on Main St (97) in Salem Depot.

              I find Ralphie's to be hit or miss.

            2. If you have a sweet tooth, try the Sugar & Spice Bake Shope on 28. They owner guy is one hell of a baker.
              Has a good variety of cakes, cookie,s and pastery.

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                And it's open on Sundays too - which most bakeries up here aren't (I'm from Boston & most bakeries have at least Sunday morning hours there).

              2. if you are looking for breakfast, head south on rt93 to the Irish Cottage in Methuen. its a good menu, both black and white sausage, home made beans, brown bread.
                the lunch & dinner menu is irish (and american) comfort food. but its pretty well done and the beer selection is great.
                maybe 10 minutes out of Salem.

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                  Great rec, how did you know I was Irish?

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                    well then you may want to check the menu...food and beverage. some interesting options...and they have music Saturday nights...never been but apparently its a pretty lively scene.

                2. where did you end up....anything worth noting?

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                    Tuscan Market, the one in the rear. Sat outside, food was good but service was horrific!