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Jul 29, 2013 06:12 PM

Little pepper - dish recs?

I'll troll through the old threads, but what are your fav dishes at LP these days?

its been a while since I've been (since back when they were in flushing) and I'm thinking of going soon

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  1. I can't go there without getting the spicy cold noodles and cumin lamb. I know it's boring but oh so good...The sliced pork belly with chili garlic sauce is also a favorite.

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    1. re: johnk

      ah thanks for that, those all sound like things ill likely be ordering

    2. Sliced pork with tree mushroom is wonderful.

      So is the cucumber with mashed garlic sauce.

      I did a full report earlier this month.

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      1. If you like lamb with cumin, consider that 纸报羊肉 from the wall. It looks like a burrito.

        Also, their take on 水煮鱼 shouldn't be missed. Please discuss with Ms Wu what kind you want: they make it several ways, but the name evades me. But my point is, as a real Sichuan cook, the chef is masterful in creating a subtle, sophisticated, multi-layer broth.

        They are one of very *few* places that make a real Sichuan-style 豆苗 (the difference is in the broth and how garlic is sliced: bold cuts as opposed to Cantonese crushed garlic). The texture is great: the stem is al dente, while the sweet, greasy leaf is velvet-tender, so you for the area when the stem goes in.

        Dan-san noodles are OK, so I'd go for cold hot ones. :-) Their cucumber salad is a classic but somehow most people with Southern tastes are indifferent to it.

        You may want to ask Ms Wu what kind of appetizers with 皮蛋 she can recommend: if they have very fresh tofu that's the best, otherwise they make it with hot chillies. That's one of the dishes where a choice of hot pepper can make a difference, and it never hurts to ask if they have 指天椒

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          what exactly is 纸报羊肉? newspaper lamb?

          i love 皮蛋 with tofu

          1. re: Lau

            That's the name. Essentially, that's a cumin lamb. The cuts are very thin. It comes wrapped in foil, it looks like a burrito. The taste is very complex. That's one of their chef's specialties: I spoke to the guy, he's proud of it.

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              hmm interesting, ill def give it a go

        2. When we were there last, my wife and I absolutely loved the hundred year old egg w/green pepper cold appetizer. I'd go back just for that.

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            ahh i love pidan, will give it a try