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Anyone Remember Red Barn (fast food chain)?

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They originated in Ohio, and you can read more about them here:


All the Red Barn restaurants were designed in the shape of an actual barn. I was just thinking about them recently because it's been about 30+ years since they all closed down - yet the barns still remain intact in many places around my neck of the woods. They were never demolished, but instead turned into other restaurants/businesses. When Chi Chi's went out of business, almost every one of them were torn down or gutted and didn't resemble the original shape of the building at all. Same goes for the Pizza Hut's that closed down.

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  1. All I remember is the jingle, "You get a whole lot more of what you're hungerin' for at the Red Barn." I lived and traveled all over the midwest back in those days. They were everywhere, but I don't recall ever actually eating in one. I'll bet many of them are Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese restaurants these days.
    I wonder if they still have White Castles and Big Boys. Not out here in NM.

    1. When I was a kid in Sacramento, California there was a family restaurant named Ken's Red Barn, but it was not a fast food place. It was a huge cavernous place surrounded by a large parking lot full of station wagons that brought families in to eat.
      Been closed for years now.

      1. http://www.barnbuster.net/

        In San Diego there are a lot (more than ten) of former Pizza Hut buildings that are being used as other restaurants.

        Only three former Red Barns being used as other venues in San Diego as far as I know.

        1. There was one in the KC suburbs where I grew up in the 60's. Fried chicken, burgers and stuff. There's a bank building and a McDonald's there now.

          1. I know where two former Red Barn locations are and they have become non-food businesses.

            I'm certain that I ate at those locations as a child but the food wasn't memorable.

            1. Loved Red Barn when I was a kid! There was one down in Stadium Village on the University of Minnesota campus. The shell of the building is still up with a new front of the building and is now an Asian restaurant. If you walk around the side you can see the barn roof behind a facade. I actually found a website dedicated to the Red Barn named barnbuster.net.

              White Castle is still going strong, they have never gone west of the Mississippi river. Big Boys are in Michigan and Indiana for sure, not sure where else.

              1. Boy do I, our wedding reception was catered by the Red Barn in London, Ont. (My mother didn't think I would actually go through with the wedding -- I was 18 -- and didn't make any arrangements for it until March...this and the Knights of Columbus hall were the best she could come up with).
                Still married to the same guy quite a few years later...

                1. Does anyone know how I can find out where the buildings still remain? My grandpa owned the chain and I would love to visit them now that I live where many of the restaurants once were. (I'm in the Kansas City area)