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Jul 29, 2013 05:24 PM

Delicious Snowball

I just finished my second snowball from Sweet Caroline on Burnet Road. The small is big enough for me. The ice is shaved and so soft and fluffy. They have tons of flavors and they are very generous with the syrup. I've had raspberry and pomegranate. I've also ordered mine with a scoop of vanilla blue bell in the center.

I've seen a few snowball, snow cone places on Burnet but haven't tried the others. Lets know if there are other places I should try while its 1,000 degrees outside.

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  1. Have you tried Casey's New Orleans Snowballs off Airport and 51st I think? They are probably the original in Austin.

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      I haven't tried those. Sweet Caroline's is in my hood so I only checked them out. They are popular with the family crowd. I like it.

    2. I love me some Sweet Caroline's so much. Root beer with cream and the Amazing Grace are fabulous. I still need to check out Casey's, but they are way out of my hood.