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Jul 29, 2013 04:36 PM

Dim Sum in Chinatown?

I grew up here but live in LA. I am back visiting, and my friend wanted to experience dim sum, as he's never had it before. Where in Chinatown/Philly should we go for lunch tomorrow? Hoping for the whole rolling carts thing--but good. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I'm afraid you are in the wrong city.

    There are so many other great choices here - wonderful byob's, Italian, new American, Japanese, etc.
    Maybe your friend would be open to a different experience.

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    1. re: sylviag

      I am replying because I can't click "Recommend" a hundred times. The time for your friend to experience dim sum as he's never had it before is when he visits you in LA, not in Philly. I'd recommend Rangoon for lunch. We do have a few places that do dim sum on carts but none of them are very good.

      1. re: Buckethead

        Yes, that does seem to be the consensus elsewhere as well. I think I'll take him to the SGV when he's in LA, as we do have pretty excellent dim sum there. My recollection of Rangoon is that it's great, but he's opted for Penang and Malaysian. The latter was, as I recall, a solid restaurant.

        1. re: jonplaywright

          Probably too late now. Yes, West Coat Dim Sum is much better than East Coast, but if you want some Cantonese Dim Sum in Philly Chinatown, then try Joy Tsin Lau, Ocean Harbor, and Ocean City.

    2. Try Ocean Harbor or Joy Tsin Lau... They both have pretty decent dim sum, just show up early (before 11:30am) if you are going on a weekend.

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      1. re: tungwill

        +1 to Chemicalkinetics and tungwill

        Call me a philistine but I think that the dim sum at these restaurants is as good as most in NY, LA or SF. I have eaten at Joy Tsin Lau and Ocean Harbor at least 75 times over the past fifteen years as a guest of Chinese people. During those years I have eaten dim sum, many times, in New York, also with Chinese folks, and numerous times in SF at Great Eastern in Chinatown. They have all been good but our places are fine too!

        1. re: Unkle Al

          Thank you for your posting. We stopped trying for dim sum after Lakeside closed, but it's worth another try.

      2. i have only gone once and it was to imperial inn in chinatown (10th between race and arch) and really liked it for my first experience cause i had nothing to compare it to.
        there were carts and angry people rolling them throwing food out and answering questions in a gruff manner, no lie, i felt it was tasty and authentic (in terms of what i have seen a few times on tv, haha). it gets busy though, line out the door busy and other asian patrons everywhere which is a sure sign of good. i recommend it!