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How Chinese Ingenuity Destroyed Salad Bars at Pizza Hut

Take a few seconds to scroll through the photos of incredible salad structures created by Pizza Hut customers.


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  1. wow - beautiful, but they could have just started charging by the weight not the plate.

    1. Wow is all I can say! But from my friends' experiences it is very different going to Pizza Hut in China or even a lot of fast food restaurants compared to those in the US.

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        In China the American chains are somewhat of a luxury.

        I've not been to Pizza Hut in China, but I remember when my counterpart in Taiwan suggested we have lunch at the one in Taipei. He assured me that it was much better than the ones in the US, using real ingredients, and he was right.

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          In my experiences, the European ones are about the same as the US versions, but the SE Asian ones are quite nice, and crank out some very good food.

        2. The title of this post drew me to it immediately. I will now read the link.

          1. It's a joke, right?! Will probably take me 1 hour to stack my salad plate like that (if I even have the requisite skill to do that) - and my dining companions would have finished their entrees by then :-D

            1. Got to be a joke or the rules are different over there. If a Manager saw a Patron serving himself from the tray using his hands here, he'd pull the entire tray for Health Regulations.

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                Yeah, the rules are different. In the US they'd just make the salad bar AYCE and price it accordingly.

                But I didn't see anyone serving themselves with their hands directly from the trays. (I'm sure it happens, just like gross things happen at US buffets, too, and there's not always a Manager standing at the ready to defend Public Health.)

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                  I don't like to think too much about salad bar tongs. In any country.

                2. This is why one lunch spot changed the salad bar limiting you to one plate to weighing the one plate. Manager admitted that they where making a nice profit out of the architectural displays. The heavy and expensive broccoli, potato, egg salads were replaced with cheap and light greens, carrots, and cucumber sticks for structural integrity.

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                    We don't see hearts of palm on salad buffets anymore, except at private clubs. People wipe out the pricey stuff quickly.
                    By the way, Melanie, those pics make Sam F.'s and my Lincoln Log chicken look like childs play!

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                      I felt like a total salad bar incompetent too.

                  2. We used to frequent a Mongolian BBQ place in college that charge by the bowl rather than by weight. Our bowl filling arrangements were never quite that extreme, but there was definitely an art to filling the bowl.

                    1. Child's play for the people who built the Great Wall and the Grand Canal... engineering is in our blood.

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                        Even the North Koreans can build a short stack of pancakes.

                      2. I've seen pics of these things before--unreal!
                        But, yeah, pretty wasteful in the end.