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Weird Foods

Looking for the weirdest foods places you hounds can think of..anything from cow utters to pig intestines...anywhere in NJ!

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  1. Corrado's usually has lamb heads for sale...frozen, iirc.

    Or are you looking for restaurants that serve weird foods?

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      Thank you Curlz..I am looking for restaurants. ;-)

      1. I don't have much for you but does anyone know of NJ restaurants that serve Axis venison?

        1. Taco Bell? Or have a hot dog and call it a day! LOL

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              thanks cold but we're looking for restaurants!

            2. Just had lunch at "Happy Edison Noodle", which has pig intestine noodle soup, pig tongue, pig ear and pig feet stew.

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                  Cant seem to find them on google.. :-(

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                    They're located on Old Post Road in Edison, on the northbound side of Rt 1. Search for "Chung Sol Bat", the korean place next door, aka "Chung Sol Garden".

                2. You should def check out some spots in the Ironbound, too...I've had Cabrito at Marisqeria (yes, I know it's not seafood!) but there were definitely other 'weird' things available...
                  And how about some Vietnamese? There are many types of pho with cubes of pig's blood, etc.

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                    Thanks Curlz I'm looking for ANY kind of weird eats..doesn't have to be seafood. :-)

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                      I just pointed that out b/c goat isn't what MOST people would be ordering at Seabra's Marisqueira! :-)

                      Check there, check Casa Vasca, too...

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                        is seabras still open? I thought it was bought out and changed to Rio?

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                          Marisqueira MOST DEFINITELY IS. The place you're thinking of is on the corner of Bridge Street and McCarter Hwy, right? That changed hands--but Marisqueira is IN the Ironbound and very much still open! There are a ton of places (including supermarkets) owned by the Seabra's family.

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                            It was when I was there recently...may have been a special.

                    2. Deleted b/c I read the last post about Noodle House. :-(

                      1. I love weird food!!

                        A must do for any lover of weird foods is Korean Sashimi. The following will be available for your consumption:

                        Sea Squirt/Pineapple (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_pine...
                        )Sea Cucumber
                        Penis Fish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urechis_...
                        Abalone, and abalone guts.
                        Octopus (live)

                        Other weird things they serve:
                        Cured skate
                        Crispy fried whole smelt-like fish filled with roe, eaten whole.

                        On the Korean topic, some Korean restaurants serve:
                        Head cheese
                        Blood sausage
                        Congealed blood soup
                        Intestine/tripe soup
                        Grilled intestines
                        Pig feet
                        Raw cured crab
                        Fish egg soup

                        There's a Korean/Chinese skewer joint in Palisades Park that has the following parts of various animals:

                        Veins (?)
                        There are a few things on the menu that I'm not familiar with!


                        Various Chinese places have a lot of weird stuff, like:

                        Chicken feet
                        Sea cucumber
                        Duck tongue

                        You can get some interesting stuff like intestines, tripe, head, and tongue at a lot of authentic taco joints. Menudo comes loaded with tripe and feet which is awesome.

                        I love getting chicken hearts at rodizio.

                        Some Japanese places have whole fried crispy shrimp heads which are awesome. I dunno if that qualifies for weird for you.

                        For more weird stuff go to flushing...the Chinese will eat pretty much anything...and you can find pretty much everything they eat in flushing. Last time I tried some roasted duck head which was pretty interesting.

                        Also, I know you were looking for restaurants but it doesn't get much weirder than 1000-year old egg which most asian markets will have. My personal favorite "weird food" is probably Korean cured fish guts and eggs. I've never seen a restaurant serve it but you can easily find it at Korean markets.

                        I think that's pretty much all I can think of for now. If any of these interest you I'd be happy to give some recommendations!

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                          TY Joonjoon...if you have specific places in mind yes please let me know. They have to be in NJ though. This is for a NJ food trip coming up next week.

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                            Korean Sashimi:
                            http://www.yelp.com/biz/pokoo-sushi-a... (Might be closed
                            )http://www.yelp.com/biz/dong-hae-susa... (hit or miss
                            )There's another place near Ridgefield Park but I don't remember the name...

                            Some Korean restaurants:

                            To Sok Chon for various pork parts and blood sausage. (http://www.yelp.com/biz/to-soc-chon-f...


                            Try their various beef/tendon dishes and sea snails.

                            Tendon, tripe, intestines, fish egg rice (al-bap), and some other things http://www.yelp.com/biz/kam-na-mu-gou...

                            These are all-purpose korean joints with big menus and you can get things like intestines (grilled/stew), fish head, raw beef (yook-hwe), stir fried baby octopus (ju-goo-mi), raw crab (gae jang), blood cake soup (hae-jang gook), fish egg rice (al bap) and fish egg soup.


                            Edison area:


                            Hope that helps!

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                                Found a couple other places that seem interesting that I want to check out...

                                This place is literally called "Large intestine" in Korean:

                                This place has blood sausge + blood cake soup! http://www.yelp.com/biz/shinpo-restua...

                                Been here, it's a decent Korean Sashimi joint: http://www.yelp.com/biz/bada-story-fo...

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                                Ah...should have known! Then specifically, you should check out Binh Duong in Bloomfield. Total hole-in-the-wall, but as I recall, the menu had TONS of 'weird' stuff on it (although the Vietnamese woman with us didn't think it was weird...)