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Jul 29, 2013 03:25 PM

Vintage Kitchen Dishes and Cookware

Inspiration from this came from another thread and we got to talking about vintage kitchen dishes and cookware. Well you might note that I like vintage kitchen bowls, based on my avatar. I am wondering what you like to collect and why?
I love the pyrex because it is very functional and the designs and colours on the bowls evoke happy memories which in turn make me a happy baker.

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  1. I've been meaning to get a figure cookie jar.

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    1. I like hostest aprons, salt cellars( the tiny victorian glass ones ), as far as cookware I love my giant stoneware mixing bowl..the bottom rim is unglazed and you can see where the orginal owner had sharpened her knives against the stone... I also collect wooden mom got me started on this one..if you hold a heavy old well made spoon it almost feels like a magic wand..

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        I like old wooden spoons as well, I think the spell that is cast is one of good recipe making.

      2. When I got married in 1975, my mother gave me what was left of the Wedgwood Wellesley that she'd gotten when she got married in 1951.
        We had used the Wedgwood daily all those years for family meals, and every handle was broken off cups and bowls. I couldn't find affordable replacements for years, until Ebay came around.
        Then I spent several years adding to, and replacing as many pieces as I needed, and some I didn't need (Coffee pot, covered pedestal vegetable bowl, teacups and saucers).
        Now my kids are grown and gone, after using that set daily when they were still home.
        Both boys are out of college and on their own, and neither wants the Wedgwood at this point. I can't decide if I should sell it all (I have other perfectly nice dishes that are colorful and fun), or hang onto it, waiting for one of the boys to marry some lucky young woman (no signs of that happening soon) who may cherish the old family dishes.

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        1. re: kitchengardengal

          Please hang on to them, they are lovely.

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            my mom left my biological dad with nothing just us and the the car..long story we refer to it as the flood because we no longer have anything baby books or annnnnnything....the only thing she had was her wedding china because it had been stored at my grand parents due to lack of space.. anyway we were in a little apartment eating off lennox Urban lights when Huricaine Katrina hit and I remember her saying " those people have it a lot worse then we do' She heard about a newlywed who had lost her wedding china and everything.. And thought about all those happy brides..she packed up her china... and wrote across the box FOR A KATRINA BRIDE, and sent it to one of the relief centers....she married my stepfather the next year...they didnt get china.. she has rented it a few times when she has needed it ..I doubt she would want tainted first marriage china anyway... I would like to think that her china made somebody very happy... and I feel very selfish but I wish she would have saved them for me.

            1. re: girloftheworld

              You are not selfish ;) The beauty of Replacements is you can have that pattern, or any other, and you can buy it a little at a time. Loooove Replacements ... my family are not sharers, so I have bought my own (and now, my stuff is better than theirs--at least to me it is :D). I have a very nice collection of rare Homer Laughlin English Garden, made in 1933 only on Century vellum. I also collect aqua ... mostly Lu-Ray, but also others such as Homer Laughlin and Vernon Kilns in the same color.

              I too have Pyrex, and also find it pricey, or I'd have more. For instance I have no Gooseberry ... I too have Butterprint in honor of my great-aunt. The very day after she died, without asking anyone, some relatives donated practically the entire contents of her kitchen to Goodwill, including all her Pyrex. No, I didn't want the lamps with angels, no, I didn't want the celadon ... I wanted the darn Pyrex and the Tupperware measuring cup like mom's, that's what I wanted. All gone.

              I have a large collection of glass (along with some pottery & enamel) refrigerator dishes, which I use ... jadite dishes (service for ~9), bowls, storage, measuring cups ... Vernon Kilns Our America in brown/white ... many pottery and glass vases ... many glass and pottery mixing bowls ... etc., etc.

              Pretty much the only things I buy new for the kitchen are pots and pans and Emma Bridgewater mugs.

              1. re: girloftheworld

                Maybe she will get you some happy china, girloftheworld, that doesn't have sad memories attached.
                Your mom sounds like a kind woman.

                1. re: girloftheworld

                  Your mother sounds like a grande lady.

            2. Ruthie, I have my mom's pyrex and corningware. In addition to the cheerful patterns, I love that the pieces (miraculously) have all their lids, making storage in them a breeze. Whenever I'm in a Salvation Army store, etc, I search for lidded additions...hard to find with lids in my area.

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                I sometimes see the lids at our second hand store. Pyrex is quite expensive now. I used to pick it up for under $10.00 a piece. Not so these days.

              2. I love the Figgjo dishes from the 1960's. I only had one piece, a squat pitcher that I used to nuke water for tea and drip coffee. Though it got scorching hot, its lip poured flawlessly, unlike my Pyrex measuring cup, that drips down the outside.

                I broke my pitcher, and during the year that I haunted eBay looking for an affordable Figgjo piece in the same shape, I fell for the shape of their egg cups. I now have 5, but thankfully that flirtation did not blossom into full-blown pocillovy, a word I learned in the process. It means the collecting of egg cups. I wound up with a pitcher in a different pattern by the same artist (Turi Gramstad Oliver) as designed the art on the broken one.

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                1. re: greygarious

                  My cousin has a whole set of the above but in blue and I am envious. They are so well thought out for serving food and maintain the heat. I have two pieces a cup and a bowl, and my Dad has claimed the bowl for his morning porridge. I keep an eye out for them.

                  1. re: Ruthie789

                    The sleek Scandinavian design of the Figgjo ware is still attractive today. The Shakers would approve - of the undecorated pieces, anyway. I pant at the sight of the covered casserole dishes and platters. If my cabinets were not already overfilled, I'd be collecting some of those.

                    1. re: greygarious

                      I love those pieces especially the last one, very geometric and retro.