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Jul 29, 2013 01:24 PM

Weekday lunch for 3 Amada or Dandelion?

Wife's best friend coming in next Tuesday from Chicago. I'm in charge of picking a spot for lunch in the City. Want to try either Amada or Dandelion. Need Help!

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      1. re: Seeker19104

        I think foodwise you are better doing a tapas restaurant as part of a dinner, rather than lunch.

        Dandelion works better for lunch with fish and chips, terrine, salads, soups, and a very good burger etc.

        If I were to do a Garces restaurant for lunch I would either do JG Domestic or Village Whiskey.

        1. re: cwdonald

          It's been awhile since I've gone, but I LOVED Amada's lunch special. It's not tapas, but it was fantastic. I'd pick them over Dandelion any day.

          1. re: PhillyA

            Of the Garces places I have been to for lunch, I really like Garces Trading Company. Lots of choices and not too pricy.

      2. Good choices: I have frequently enjoyed dining at each. As a Brit I am a bit critical of British fare as I think I have an experienced palette, if not an educated one. The Dandelion does a pretty good job; selection dependent of course. The venue is quite pleasant and has a upscale pub feel. Amada has a very interesting small plate selection, something for almost every taste. It can at times become a bit too chatty and sometimes the plates appear too quickly. Either would be quite nice indeed.

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        1. re: Edwardrae

          What dishes do you think the Dandelion does best?

          1. re: mookleknuck

            Quite predictable I suppose but I enjoyed the Bank Holiday Roast of Beef with Yorkshire, the Fish and Chips were quite alright although I rather them in the London Times. BTW one is pressed to find that presentation any longer. The Lamb cottage pie was good at my visit, not quite the best ever but quite nicely done. Although you did not ask the cheese board was meager with a less than good selection on it.

            1. re: Edwardrae

              Sorry for the delayed thanks. Appreciate the positives and negative - I'll be sure to avoid the wimpy cheese plate.

        2. Thank you for the comments and recommendations. After lunch we are going to the RTM to pick up some things for dinner, probably a nice thickkkk porterhouse so I can make my version of bistecca fiorentina. I already have a couple of bottles of Brunello to accompany it. I'm leaning toward The Dandelion but may not decide until we're on our way into the City. Hope we don't need reservations!

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          1. re: doubleDD

            If you have opentable on a smartphone you can make a reservation at the last minute, (usually has to be 30 minutes out.).

            Unless its a Friday, I would say you should be ok without reservations.

            1. re: doubleDD

              Agree with CWD, had three lunches there and never reserved, no issue. Shame summer and lunch as their pork belly on lentils is something special.