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Jul 29, 2013 01:17 PM

Asion restarants on 32nd st Any recs?

While walking towards Penn Station I past a few restaurants .Some I believe were Korean some Thai and others Japanese any recommendations?

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    1. 32nd Street between 5th & 6th Ave is also known as Korean Way. There's an endless number of Korean restaurants on that block alone, but the neighborhood really extends east to Park and uptown to 35th. There are a handful of Japanese restaurants there and some Chinese-Korean, but no Thai that I can think of.

      In addition to restaurants, there's an H Mart, a Korean supermarket, several Korean bakeries, clothing stores, and more. Do a search to read about some of the best picks. I like Shilla for cooked foods, Madangsui for barbecue, and Hyo Dong Gak for black noodle.

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        Well I did see a sign that I believe offered Pho and Pad Thai. would that be Thai???? and how expensive are these places. Thanks

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          That could have been Pho 32. It's Korean-owned and they serve kimchi to everyone that sits there, so I couldn't call it Thai. They're known for their pho and shabu shabu, or hot pot. It's all fairly middle of the road, not bad but not too good either.

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            Prices range from $8 lunch specials to $30pp barbecue meals. If you're not familiar with Korean food, I'd suggest starting easy. Go to Gahm Mi Oak and have bibimbap for $15+. No need for side dishes or starters, as everyone is treated to many banchan - small dishes served for free when you order.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The pho at Pho32 is not expensive, but it's not great. Some good recs to Koreatown in this Serious Eats guide: