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Dec 29, 2003 03:01 PM

Dine-in and Take-out near M.D. Anderson in Houston??

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Austin Hound will be in Houston in the area of M.D. Anderson over the next few weeks. I could use recommendations on good dining in the neighborhood, hopefully within walking distance (I haven't been to MDA b/ w/n walking distance an option?) or a short drive. I would love to have recommendations to send family to while they visit.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I don't eat around the Med Center too much, but since you're concerned about traveling, I would consider taking the new light rail, which starts operation on Jan. 1.

    The light rail goes through the heart of the Medical Center, up to the Museum District, into Midtown and Downtown. Plenty of food in Midtown and Downtown...a lot of Vietnamese in particular if you're into it. If nothing else, there are some very nice sights to see along the rail line, which may brighten your spirits.

    I wish you the best of luck for whatever you're travelling to MD Anderson for. It's one of the world's premier hospitals.

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      Interesting to hear all these reports. I have worked at MD Anderson as a nurse for 28 years. I don't often have the time to even go down to the cafeteria, but have eaten at the new Trevisio. It was good at lunch and the place is very attractive. The Village at Kirby and University has many restaurants. I love to eat Thai at Nit Noi and Itallian at Prego's. I would be willing to help if you need anything while in Houston and at MD Anderson.


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        Parents loved Prego. Thank you so much-it meant a lot to have a tasty known destination. Anymore places recommended nearby. Also, she is upset with what she perceives as unclean handling for breakfast. Is there nearby breakfast? Thanks again.

    2. Try the link below to a discussion on the Med Center area we had this past Summer.


      1. I work in the Med Center and frequent all the local haunts. Not much in walking distance except for some fast food (at Texas Children's Hospital's new building) and the parking garage on Bertner across from Methodist Hospital has Trevisio (upscale - haven't tried) and various bagels shops, etc. In close driving distance there are many good restaurants, a few I enjoy: 1) Happy All - Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant on Holcombe at Kirby. Good buffet and Pho. 2) Morningside Thai - Morningside just north of Holcombe. Good Thai food. Lovely atmosphere. 3) Dimassi's - Middle Eastern fare, cafeteria style. I usually overeat there. 4) Spanish Village - Almeda just south of Wheeler/Richmond. Good Tex/Mex. Closed on Mondays. 5) Naturally Yours - Almeda just north of Southmore. Healthy vegetarian/some meat dishes. Great hot dogs. (voted best by Houston Press). Also, many good restaurants in the Village area. I second El Meson on University. Good Cuban/Mexican food.

        Good luck to you, M.D. Anderson is a wonderful hospital. They helped save my friends life.

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          Thanks everyone for the great recommendations and links! Hopefully, this will make the days go by faster while waiting on mom's recovery. :) I will most definitely make use of the new light rail for some trips out during the day. Too bad it doesn't reach the Heights though where I will be staying with friends at night ;-)

          Thanks again,

        2. I had to go to MD anderson (and Texas) for the first time in September of this year, and there are basically 3 places to eat in the hospital

          if you eat at the hospital itself, the hospital caferteria on the ground floor is the best place, it isn't expensive but they charge you for everything (for example, cream, cups if you wanna just get water, jalapenos on your nachos....), i really like there braised cabbage side dish

          the cafeteria is much better than the cafe that is on the 2nd floor of the rotary house (the rotary house is connected to the hospital via a pedestrian walkway that crosses holcombe) the walkway is i think on the 3rd floor of MD anderson but it connects to the 2nd floor of the rotary house, and the cafe is right across the walkway

          there is also a restaurant on the 2nd floor of the rotary house, i don't want to be too negative but i have to give an honest chowhound assessment, we ate here due to dietary restrictions and convenience, but if you can avoid it, you should, its not very good

          if you can drive for lunch, i'd reccommend, new orleans po'boys on main st for oyster po'boy, guy's meat market for smoked burgers on old spanish trail get there early cuz they run out, frenchy's for fried chicken, it gets crowded at lunch time, the last two places aren't that close but its worth it

          for dinner: el tiempo cantina on richmond for the best fajitas and great crab and bacon quesadillas; chuy's on westheimer and kirby for cheap, good tex-mex; goode company seafood on kirby and westpark i think

          here's a tip: if you're driving to MD anderson on a daily basis, buy a parking pass from the cashier on the ground floor of the hospital in the purple zone i think, it allows you to park in the garage with in and out privileges, that way you can drive somewhere for lunch, otherwise, without the pass you can park but if you leave and come back you have to pay again

          one other thing, the hospital is pretty cold, i don't know about right now, but i was there in early december and the air conditioning was on high and it was freezing, for us anyways, i guess cuz we're not from texas...

          anyways, its a great hospital

          1. My husband says that Mom's Pizza on the ground floor of Texas Women's University is a good delicatessen with nice salads and excellent calzones. He also says that the places inside the McGovern Center, such as the Waterside Cafe, are to be avoided.
            There is also a Chipotle over on Fannin, quick and good when you're in a hurry. (To all and sundry: please refrain from starting another Chipotle-related flame war. Thank you.)