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Jul 29, 2013 12:21 PM

Give me your favorite camping recipes!

All the discussions I found when searching are really old, so let's talk about camping food again. We're camping for 4 nights this weekend with about 25 people, and are trying to decide what we'll cook for a dinner and a breakfast. Dinner will be first night out, so doesn't need to be something that will stay safe for days in the cooler. Breakfast third day. Also always interested in great camping snacks and desserts. We'll have a coleman stove and a campfire. Obviously, it's possible for me to cook about anything that first night, but what I'm interested in is what you LOVE to cook when camping. Thanks

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  1. Keep it simple but with frills.Camping for the most part in my opinion should not be wasted cleaning pots,pans dishes etc with cold water.So I enjoy either roasting meats over the campfire serving with good bread so burgers and steak sandwiches are great .Carefully cooked chicken from grill to be eaten out of hand .I like good frankfurters (as well as other sausage and wurst) and steam them in wine,caraway and sauerkraut. Steaming corn in the husks also easy ,tasty and in most situations don't require butter.Good cheeses any time of the day. But hey if I catch trout I will enjoy trout eggs and taters for breakfast or if I am camping longer than a weekend PANCAKES yes with bacon,ham ,eggs and syrup. I got tired of spending too much time cleaning up and not enough time fishing,canoeing ,hiking etc. Anyway enjoy the outdoors.

    1. Everything tastes better over a campfire ;)

      I'm assuming from your post that you are "car camping", meaning you're not hiking in, since you talk about a coleman stove and a cooler. What type of camping group are the 25? All adults looking for something more "fancy" or mix of adults and kids looking for "ease and comfort"?

      some of my childhood favorites that I remember:

      baked potatoes and chili - the chili can be made ahead and frozen, which saves space in the cooler because it acts as "ice" for a few days before you need it and then saves time when camping. The baked potatoes are wrapped in foil (again ahead) and then just baked off in the coals of the fire.

      As already mentioned - frankfurters/hot dogs/sausages - which we used to love cooking on sticks over the fire. If you buy (or do it yourself) precooked then you don't have to worry about people under cooking.

      A dessert I remember, don't know what to call it, but we would mix bisquick so that it was a pretty thick paste. Take a fairly thick stick (1/2 inch maybe) and wrap the tip with foil. coat the end of the stick (foil end) with the batter and slowly cook over the fire. Once it is cooked through it slips off the end. Fill it with a bit of jelly and eat. We loved those.

      If you have a dutch oven and are so inclined - "upside down" cakes are really good as well (peaches, pineapple, etc). Though you'd have to make a few for 25 people.

      Baked apples - similar to the potatoes, - core them, fill the core with butter and brown sugar, wrap in foil, put them in the coals and let them bake. Always yummy and easy.

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        Yes, car camping, with a mix of adults and kids. The adults are happy to eat a little fancier; kids will eat that or we always have emergency hot dog back ups :). I do have a good cast iron dutch oven.

      2. I used to camp with a big group when my kids were very young and I always went prepared. I would bring a delicious homemade salad dressing, green goddess, Basil vinaigrette...something that I could put on any veg. I also brought crepe batter, it is better after it sits for awhile and keeps for a few days.

        1. Personally, I have scrambled eggs and home fries almost every morning - and if I was out camping for several days and didn't have them, by day three I would really be craving them.

          I've heard the powdered eggs cook up well, in fact, many buffets use them. One suggestion was to also add some powdered milk along with the water. Bring along some fresh peppers and onion to brighten things up. Or maybe even some fresh spinach to sautee down and blend in with the scrambled eggs, then top with some fresh diced tomato.

          You could easily take some baked potatoes (perhaps even left over from the night before) and cut them up and season them, then fry in skillets for some home fries.

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            Hmmmm that's inspired me. I think we'll do breakfast tacos one morning...scramble eggs and potatoes, green salsa, cheddar, sour cream, maybe some beans? Easy, and a good way to use up the ton of eggs we have (we have chickens) and people can customize.

            1. re: girlwonder88

              my favourites are breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, sausage chunks, cheese all wrapped in a burrito. You can heat the burritos in tinfoil with a wet paper towel inside for moisture, then toss on fire.

              My best dinner is cedar planked fish (usually salmon or trout). Soak the plank ahead and cook halves of fish on a bed of green onions with a maple lime chili glaze. Place on grill of fire to cook. So easy, but seems so gourmet in the wild! Obviously not reasonable for 25 people.