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Jul 29, 2013 11:20 AM

Le Creuset Dutch Oven 3-1/2 Qt. Sale

For those wanting to add to (or start) their collection - Amazon is having a sale on their 3 and 1/2 quart Signature Dutch Oven. $149.95. That's a great price. I have the older non-Signature style in that size and it's perfect for smaller preparations.

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  1. Pretty close to the same quality (I say pretty close, LC is better, but not by $100), you can buy:

    Again, this is from Walmart made by slave labor in China. I have multiple Tramontina Dutch ovens and a Staub (which is better than LC on many levels, but more expensive). Tramontina is darn good for the money.

    1. I've been pining for that LC wide round dutch oven but can't justify it given what I already have in my collection. :-/ The wide round is more like a braiser (low and flat, saute-like) than a traditional dutch oven (deeper, pot-like). The Tramontina that hankstramm mentioned is more like a mini traditional dutch oven. That size is actually fantastic for cooking rice.

      I think it makes sense to have the LC 3.5 wide round AND the Tramonina 3.5 mini dutch oven. Both pieces would get a fair amount of use. However, I think something might be neglected if I add that 3.5 LC wide round to a cabinet that already includes a LC 3.5 braiser, a Viking 3qt saute pan, multiple 9, 10, 11, ad 12 inch skillets, a 3.5 qt dutch oven, 5 qt dutch oven, and a 5.5 qt dutch oven...

      Maybe you can convince me otherwise? What would I use that LC 3.5 wide round for given the other stuff I already have? I really like that wide round one!

      1. oh I fogot to mention, the $150 price has been that for several months....even Crate and Barrel keeps it in stock for $150 in their exclusive color (ink blue or something like that).