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Jul 29, 2013 11:15 AM

Change of plans -- how does this sound.

Originally I had planned to go the the Hong Kong City mall on Monday to explore and get something to eat. But I realized that it will take me over an hour each way to get there using public transportation (I'm going to be staying near the Reliant Center and I won't have a car.) The more I think about it the more I think that's crazy especially since I probably have to head to the airport around 1:30 pm.

So now I am trying to come up with an alternate plan for Monday. I was thinking of heading to Rice Village to explore and grab an early lunch at Benjy's. What do you think? Is there a better option? I was also thinking of running to Pappa's BBQ early to get a meal to go so I have something to eat on the plane -- assuming the hotel will keep it in their fridge for me.

My other meals (dinners) during the trip are: Provisions, Batanga, Kata Robata and Vinoteca Poscal.

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  1. You could get your airplane food next door to Benjy's at Local Foods.

    1. I agree with sallen. Never been to Benjy's but Local Foods is one of my favorite places; it's owned by the same people as Benjy's and the sandwiches might be better for carry-on (if they don't get soggy). I've never thought of The Village as a tourist destination except for food.

      Which airport are you going thru? There's a Pappas at Hobby, or maybe you could get your cabbie to take you to the Pappas on S. Main on the way to IAH (call in an order ahead of time for pick-up?)

      1. There's Pappas BBQ at both airports. Getting through security with it could be problematic (what if they take away your sauce!)

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          I'm not so sure the loss of sauce would be a big loss, I never liked the sauce anyway. I used to enjoy feeding on the brisket and beef ribs, ribs lightly sauced, when I lived near one, nothing earthshattering but good for a 5 minute drive. A plus was the brisket breakfast tacos at some locations.