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Jul 29, 2013 11:00 AM

Anniversary in Asheville

So due to a quirk of circumstance the wife and I will be spending our (2nd) anniversary in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina which is a place we have both wanted to go to anyway as we are beer geeks and have heard good things about the place. What I'm looking for here is the perfect place in the area where a beer couple could go for their anniversary dinner. We don't require anything terribly fancy (no steak houses, no italian, no high end dining just for the sake of it) and obviously it should involve some very good beer which I understand is abundant in this town without actually being a place ALL about beer necessarily. And a nice ambiance that's vaguely romantic I know would please the wife so I guess that needs to be a factor as well. Would be nice if it featured creative dishes and/or even variations on local themes. Whatever that means... Any thoughts?

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  1. Pretty much any restaurant in Asheville will feature local beer choices, so you should be ok there. I will make the disclaimer that I am not a beer drinker, but my husband is, so I do pay attention. :)

    I would have suggested Wicked Weed because all my beer drinking friends say theirs is excellent with a ton of choice, samples, half pours, etc. But it is noisy and not romantic. I recently had dinner there for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by the food as well. I tasted a friend's steak tartare there and it was fantastic. It was my first (which is odd since I love my beef mooing), so nothing to compare, but I was swooning. Point is, they have a good menu for a place known mostly for their beer. They do have nice outdoor seating on dry evenings so could possibly be construed as romantic.

    But like i said, I might go by menu first at whatever restaurant looks interesting (search this board, there are tons of posts) and then if you want, call and ask what local beer they offer. Also, I have noticed that most restaurants are happy to give you samples of anything on draft so you can try before you buy.

    Or.... just roam the city trying different beer and picking up small plates along the way (many restaurants offer that). Lots of people do that.

    You'll have fun regardless!

    1. Well, the best food in town is the Admiral, it's a "dive", but a romantic one (at least to me). They only have 1 or 2 beers on tap.

      Other cool places w/ good food and serving beer would be The Junction, Bull and Beggar, Ben's Tune Up, the latter two being quite new and with rather unusual menus, you should google. Also look at Seven Sows. A whole bunch of new places have opened recently, I haven't had time to do any repeat visits yet.

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        I second your recommendations of The Junction and The Bull & Beggar. I'm not as familiar with B&Bs beer list, but I know the food at both would suit your interests. Let us know where you end up and enjoy Asheville!

      2. Definitely recommend visiting Wicked Weed while you are there, though romantic it is not. Probably the best food at a brewery intown. Have heard great things about Admiral, but it is a little out of the way and we haven't made it there yet. We like to go to Limones, Zambra or Table for dinner and hit Thirsty Monk for beers either before or after. Upstairs has microbrews and downstairs is all Belgian at the Monk.If Hi Wire brewery is open when you are there, definitely go by for tatsting. Still not the place for dinner.

        1. The Edison at the Grove Park Inn is opening today, July, 31, so there aren't any reviews yet. It might be worth checking out though. Here's a link to more info:

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            I believe The Edison opened a week or two ago. I have seen some very favorable reviews of it, some from people who have not had a very high opinion of GPI food in the past.

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              Was excited to see the Edison menu at first look...until I took a closer look at the prices. $8 draft beer that would be $4 or $5 any other place in town and $16 cocktails is ridiculous. And I'm not one to complain about spending money (usually). I live nearby and would have gladly supported this place but those drink prices are worse than an airport.

              To the OP I'd suggest beers at Wicked Weed and then a short walk up to Seven Sows for dinner. Wedge is another good brewery and The Junction or Bull and Beggar are nearby. Like others have said, all of the good restaurants in town will have a few local drafts for you to enjoy. Enjoy Asheville!

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                OMG! Miss Piggy, I was afraid you'd taken leave of your senses, but yep...sure enough, that's what that menu says. I'm stunned. I guess that explains the new cocktail terrace I was so excited about. I just don't know if I can pay $8 for a beer, just on principle. I also note the $5 Cheerwine. They should add a $10 Coke so people can pretend they're in Paris.

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              I think the Edison officially opened today. This is from the Grove Park Inn FB page:

              "As we open Edison, Craft Ales + Kitchen on July 31 and conclude the restoration of the inn, we want to extend a warm welcome to our friends and neighbors by eliminating the current fee for outside parking. What better way to say 'You're Invited' than to welcome our guests to park in our outdoor lots free of charge." - Gary Froeba, Managing Director of The Omni Grove Park Inn

              I'm glad they've done away with the parking fee. I think the other suggestions about where to go are great for the beer factor, but I was thinking thinking about his wife and the best place to go for a romantic evening that included a good selection of beer. One often pays more for atmosphere.

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                I've been reading some terrible reviews about the Edison on other sites lately, mostly about the service. Has anyone been?