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Jul 29, 2013 10:44 AM

Want toaster oven wide enough for 9x13 pan. Any out there?

Most toaster ovens can handle 9x9 cake pans and other smallish pans.
But if you want to bake 2 racks of lamb chops (from Costco), you cannot do so with any current versions that I am familiar with. Would love to serve 3 or 4 persons, yet not utilizing my regular oven that I never otherwise use.

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  1. Renowned Chef Eric Ripert has a blog of recipes for convection toaster ovens:
    using a Cuisinart brick toaster oven. Amazon lists several Cuisinart TOs that measure about 18x20", which should be large enough for your needs.

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    1. re: greygarious

      Checked the entire line of Cuisinart toaster ovens and not one of them is over about 13 inches wide on the outside, meaning the inside is considerably less.
      I want that 9x13 pan to fit inside.
      Checked into the one Ripert mentions on his website, and not only is it currently not available, but is also way too small.
      Heard a Waring product might be my answer, yet have yet to find one on the company website.

      1. re: carter

        According to the Amazon list, there are multiple Cuisinart models that are in the 17 long x 16 wide range.

    2. I'm pretty sure this Breville convection toaster oven would fit a 13x9 pan

      I have the next size down, the "compact" one, and like it very much.

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      1. re: AmyH

        If fits a 13" pizza fine.

        I never tried a large roasting pan but, it cooks steaks and other large items very well.

        1. re: Sid Post

          If the OP is near a Bed, Bath & Beyond, they have the Breville toaster ovens on display. They could get a 13x9 pan from the pan aisle and see if it fits.

        2. re: AmyH

          I second the Breville. I have the smaller version which can fit an 8x8 pan easily. It bakes wonderfully, toasts well...I have been very pleased with it. If I had more counter space I would have been all over the large version. It's perfect for summer days when you don't want to fire up the big stove/oven.

          1. re: mels

            Absolutely! I have the medium sized one and made a pan of cornbread in it. It came out better than the regular oven, used less energy, and didn't heat up the kitchen. It makes great toast and frozen pizzas, too.

          2. re: AmyH

            This! You beat me to it.

            I also have the Compact Smart of our very best purchases for the kitchen!

          3. The largest model of the Breville Smart Oven has an inside width of 13.5 inches. So if you have a pan without handles it will fit. I frequently use a 1/4 sheet pan in mine

            1. The full size Breville smart oven does fit a 13x9. I've baked with one in mine before.