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Jul 29, 2013 10:12 AM

chinese for 12-15 people

in a couple or few months, a large group would like excellent (and...hate this word...authentic) chinese food for a celebratory meal.

who in manhattan and/or queens (i'm posting this on both boards) would be the most delicious and most accommodating?
only one person speaks a slight bit of mandarin.
ages low 80s to late teens.
all regional styles of chinese food welcome.

many thanks.

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  1. Legend on 7th ave in Manhattan looks a bit nicer than your average Chinese restaurant, and the Sichaun items are excellent.

    1. What kind of Chinese food?

      If you are from the West Coast, I would suggest you avoid Cantonese, Shanghai, and Taiwanese food in NY (and possibly Sichuan unless you are dead set to go to Little Pepper), while Inland cuisines might work better. But.... do you have any preferences?

      Don't worry about overwhelming the place or getting it all for yourself,: this has been done before and the owners usually know how to handle the situation.

      Speaking Chinese is not mandatory, but it usually helps being open-minded and listening carefully. If you don't know the cuisine, then let the chef decide on what you are having. In certain places, you can't go wrong unless you don't like the cuisine entirely..So, what kind of food do you prefer?

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          How about Spicy Road (津京食府), 43-18 Main St, all the way down Main St by the botanical garden? Please search the board for the food recommendations.

          It features good authentic DongBei food plus an interesting fusion of Chinese cuisines competently done with great attention to detail (not American-Chinese but DongBei-SiChuan fusion). Their food is good, beer is $10 a pitcher or BYOB, the stuff is cheerful, and the room is spacious and not shabby at all. The only negative: it's quite far from subway, but the bus stops near the restaurant, and you can easily find parking nearby.

      1. this is the sort of event where it would be smart to arrange for a family size meal if your guests wont each want "their" dish - ahead of time, select the dishes and restaurant will size them appropriately for your group. Most of the sizeable Chinese restauants ae set up to serve this sort of meal to big parties and you can have dishes like peking duck served with ceremony.

          1. re: Pookipichu

            nope, price isn't a consideration. except for, well, i don't think we'll be ordering 500 dollar bottles of wine and be snorting lines of caviar off server's asses.
            but all price ranges are welcome.

            1. re: linus

              Hakkasan is currently my favorite Chinese restaurant in NYC and would be my top choice. It can accommodate large parties easily and is English friendly.

              Hunan Kitchen has excellent food as does Fu Run.

              Mulan accommodates large parties easily is English friendly, has great ambiance and some of the dishes are excellent. Some of the dishes, are less successful, but you can definitely eat well there. My only other caveat is the kitchen at Mulan suffers when they are catering for their sister banquet.

          2. My family likes Ping's, on Queens Blvd in Elmhurst. Always seems to be lots of large groups there. The food is excellent, and the prices seem a bit lower than some similar places in Flushing.