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Jul 29, 2013 10:06 AM

Feldman's Bagels - Burlington, VT

We finally got to Feldman's for lunch on Saturday. It was really great. I had a sesame bagel with egg and cheese and a matzo ball soup. My husband had an everything with egg and cheese. We also bought a dozen everything to take home.

My husband grew up on Long Island, and hasn't found bagels made the way they were when he grew up. They just haven't been around here. So he's been making do with bagels from Price Chopper.

Obviously the Feldman's bagels would be better than the ones at PC on the same day. The real test was how would they be after being toasted two days later. The answer is "far better than the PC bagels."

The soup was brilliant. Lovely flavor from root vegetables, beautiful clear broth, and fluffy matzo balls. Even though it was a hot, sunny day, I am very glad I ordered it. They have several sorts of sandwiches in the offing, too, and we'll be going there once a month for lunch and to get a buncha bagels. So I expect I'll be able try some of the other sandwiches, too. I was very pleased with my egg and cheese, but it's hard to go wrong with a basic egg and cheese. :)

Definitely the best NY style bagels in the area. Also, they have bialys. :) Just give them a go. See whatcha think! :)

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  1. oh boy, m. gonna try them sunday. ( better than that place in Richmond is it? we bought a bunch of them at Healthy Living last yr and took them back to boston!)

    Feldman's photos are quite amazing. So much more creativity than the menu shows. Donuts, bagel dogs, salads, tons of variety.....!

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      We've never tried the place in Richmond (didn't know there was one, I think), so I don't know if they're better than that or not. :)

    2. *SIGH* They're doing donuts on Mondays only. The flavors he's coming up with for donuts look AWEsome. But I don't LIVE up that way!!! I need to think of a way to get donuts from there. I wonder if anyone at my office commutes from up that way and if they could be induced to bring me some donuts. :)

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        (you're not in bennington by any chance? my fav donut comes from Blue Benn diner. amazing cake donut.)

        if the cider donut i had today from Feldman's was reflective of their donut products, you want to NEVER get donuts there.

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          Nope, I live in Orange and work in Montpelier. :)

          We generally don't get off near Richmond, it tends to be the opposite direction from where we go when we make our monthly pilgrimage up the Costco. Feldman's is less out of the way and the bagels freeze up nicely so my husband gets his fix for a week or so after we've been. :)

      2. m, just finished a sesame bagel from here and it was very good. If you ever get the chance, the bagels that have blown me away up here are from On the Rise Bakery in Richmond. They sell them at Healthy Living on Dorset St. in Burlington(and prob many other spots.)

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          m, sorry, i was wrong. On the Rise bagels are not sold at HL this year. boohoo. This yr it's Feldman's.

        2. Feldman's is amazing. They had a sriacha cilantro cream cheese special that I hope they add as a permanent item. Growing up in Burlington, Roy Feldman really introduced the New York style bagel to the area when I was 9 or 10, and I have vivid memories of going there for a snack after school.