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Jul 29, 2013 09:57 AM

"Live" sauerkraut in Calgary?

Does anybody know where I can find unpasteurized sauerkraut in Calgary? More probiotics than yogurt but I only see canned or jarred kraut in the shelves, not that I've looked that hard- would love to give it a try.

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  1. The Light Cellar in Bowness.

    1. I did buy some sauerkraut that came home in a bag from Jan's Meat and Deli. It came from a big barrel, is that close?

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      1. re: gardengorilla

        I'll ask next time I'm there. Live sauerkraut can't have been cooked or pasteurized and I doubt a barrel will keep it fresh. It's like kimchee- if it has live bacteria it has to be sold refrigerated.

      2. Answering my own q- several styles at Community but expensive ($10 a jar). Yes it's easy to make at home but takes weeks.

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        1. re: plateofshrimp

          I'll be making some this year. My mom is scouting around for a 10L crock for me...
          I remember helping my Grandma make it, it isn't that hard but according to my mom they had a batch go bad one year because the house was too cool (it was a late batch)
          I can't wait to give it a go!

          1. re: gardengorilla

            They sell special huge crocks for this purpose at Community Natural Foods. They're expensive, more than $200 but custom built for making big batches of sauerkraut.

        2. And to answer my own question: The bags from Lumsden SK that they sell in the produce dept at Safeway are unpasteurized! Half the price of the jarred ones at Community ($5) and delicious.

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          1. re: plateofshrimp

            And to reply to my answer to my own question-the same sauerkraut is at Co-op. Same price as Safeway. Very delicious. I'm totally sold on live sauerkraut now!

              1. re: josey124

                Yes- look for the whole bagged "sour cabbage" in produce, at least in the Midtown Market. Sauerkraut is right next to it.

                1. re: plateofshrimp

                  i think i have also seen it at the cabbage section. they have sour cabbage and saurkraut. I did not know that it was high in pobiotics! thanks for the info!

                  1. re: whythreecats

                    Yep- like kimchee, one of the healthiest things to put in your bod.

                    1. re: plateofshrimp

                      Speaking of kimchee, where do I find this? Never tried but having an urge to taste...

                      1. re: 2 italianfoodies

                        Any Korean or Asian market- there is probably a hundred or more places in Calgary that sell it. Kimchee just means "pickle" in Korean and there are many kinds- a good option is to find something among the banchan (side dishes) at a Korean resto you like and then find it at a market. Be forewarned that it is very much an acquired taste.

                        1. re: 2 italianfoodies

                          Go to Arirang for kimchee. But also go to Olive Chicken in the same plaza for lunch. This is an order!!!!!

                          1. re: Scary Bill

                            Olive Chicken is amazing but there's (or soon will be) another Korean fried chicken place opening, in Kensington- WOW Chicken.

                            Do not make the mistake of buying sauerkraut from the Hutterites at Crossroads. Asked if it was pasteurised- no, they say. What they didn't say is that the cabbage is COOKED. Probiotic value destroyed. I'm sticking with Kessels which is an amazing product.