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Jul 29, 2013 09:16 AM

White beaujolais

I recently picked up a white beaujolais by Chateau du Chatelard. Any suggestions on a food pairing? Thanks much.

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  1. This is a rare bird, a dab of Chardonnay amidst the wall-to-wall Gamay vineyards.

      1. As already stated, Beaujolais Blanc is produced from Chardonnay. In terms of food pairings, think Mâcon-Villages . . .

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        1. re: zin1953

          That's what I thought at first, Jason, but when I looked at the $21 price and then the description, I came to a different conclusion.

          I used to make Kirs with Marcon-Viré. I wouldn't make a Kir with this wine. It is reportedly soft and seductive.

          1. re: collioure

            That's OK, I wouldn't make a Kir with a Mâcon-Viré either . . . I prefer Aligoté, but perhaps I'm just a traditionalist.

            Going on the presumption that you might agree with me that the wines from Viré and Clessé are (generally) superior than a Mâcon-Villages, I would put the top Beaujolais Blanc wines in a similar category. Then again, I think the average Beaujolais Blanc and the average Mâcon-Villages are comparable as well -- probably due to the fact that a Beaujolais Blanc can be bottled as a Mâcon-Village should the producer wish -- and thus, the suggestion. (As an example, I find very little difference between the Louis Jadot bottlings of Mâcon-Villages and Beaujolais Blanc; that said, let me quickly add that it's been a few years since I have tried either one.)

            While I'm not personally familiar with the Beaujolais Blanc from Château du Chatelard, I typically buy between 6-12 bottles of Jean-Paul Brun's Beaujolais Blanc every year . . . .

            1. re: zin1953

              I've never tried a Beaujolais blanc, Jason. I just read the description and considered the price. It looks to be a classier wine than Macon-Viré/Clessé, something for the main event instead of the appetizer, if you will.

              The description uses the word "lush." That's just not an adjective that comes to my mind with Maconnais whites. So I suspect it's a different bird. What does your experience with Beaujolais blancs tell you?

              1. re: collioure

                >>> What does your experience with Beaujolais blancs tell you? <<<

                That "lushness" is in the style of the producer . . . some produce wines which can be described as "lush," while others cannot. I certainly think that wines form the AOC of Viré-Clessé are *generally* more lush than wines from, say Mâcon-Lugny or most other villages. And I have no doubt that some Beaujolais Blanc wines are more lush than others.