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Jul 29, 2013 08:50 AM

Thanksgiving in DC (I know it's early)

I know it's early, but time flies (and I love thanksgiving and the fact that summer will be over!)

Odds are family will be coming to town this year for thanksgiving - my first away from home and my moms amazing cooking - because, god willing, we'll have a 3 or 4 week old at that point and unable to comfortably travel. So people will come to us. We CANNOT host in our apartment (too small, no table space at this point) so I'm not looking for take out.

I'm looking for ideas or if others have had good experiences at DC restaurants. A buffet would be lovely but any place with a good traditional or twist on traditional thanksgiving (no Indian or Chinese, even though we love it). I've seen Art and Soul listed, but most of the web sites listing thanksgiving spots are outdated with many of the places closed.

So any insider info would be appreciated, especially if you've been to a place for turkey day and loved it. thanks!

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  1. I've heard many a rave about T'Giving at Corduroy.

      1. Jeserf -- Congrats on the on-the-way baby! Not sure how helpful, but since you haven't gotten many responses: last Thanksgiving we went for a walk after our home-cooked meal and found ourselves having a drink at the Ardeo bar. Behind us a fairly large intergenerational group was eating -- there may have been a baby, for sure there were children. I thought the food looked really good and asked to look at the menu -- I can't remember details, but it did seem like interesting twists on tradition, with some choices. It seemed like they were having a nice, relaxed time, too.

        Since I didn't actually eat, can't say it's a recommendation, but maybe something to check out.

        1. Go to a Kosher deli. Thanksgiving is also the first night of Chanukah this year. :)

          1. Ardeo, Founding Farmers, Vidalia all would give you a nice experience. 1789 would be a more upscale choice, maybe too formal for you. I've also heard that Georgia Brown does a nice Thanksgiving, but it has been awhile since I ate there. Art and Soul might work. Blue Duck Tavern does a buffet but it is a bit pricey.

            If you are having trouble finding a spot, the Clyde's group restaurants are also open on Thanksgiving.