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Jul 29, 2013 08:20 AM

Store bought h'orderves


I am hosting a cocktail party in a few weeks for 40 guest in my home. I do not cook. Was wondering if anyone had any favorite store bought h'orderves

Thank you

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  1. Are you looking for heat-and-serve frozen things, or more looking to have a store put together a prepared platter for you?

    If it's the former, then I think the ones from President's Choice are generally pretty good for what they are. They have a set of phyllo wrapped ones, a set of puff-pastry based ones, etc. They're usually reasonably tasty and they aren't terribly expensive.

    If it's the latter, Pusateri's does great hors d'oevres, along with other kinds of catering platters. You can find their menu here: (The file name has 2012, but that's the link from their website, so I assume it's still up-to-date.)

    1. Summerhill Market has great fingers foods cocktail type items.
      Fabulous dips, cheeses, mini samosas, spring rolls, charcutierrie. Definitely worth checking out. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

      If price is a consideration, on the lower side I agree with jacquilynne, President Choice might be the way to go.

      1. I like Urban Fare on Bathurst just south of St. Clair.

        1. Hors d'oeuvres. :)

          Agree with President's Choice for store bought. If you have Costco membership, they have a lot of decent options, too, including the little frozen mini quiches that I rather like.

          If you're looking for fresh made, then most of the high-end grocery stores have options: Summerhill Market, McEwan, Pusateri's.

          1. I'd pick up a couple a hundred or so assorted samosas from Sultan of attached, along with a couple sides of Kristapsons smoked salmon (served with honey mustard, capers ,finely chopped onions and black bread), 2-3 assorted maki/sushi platters...and supplement anything either from a caterer or along Costco/President Choice apps.


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              I agree! Plus a couple of the ready to bake spanakopita from Costco.