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Best and worst food and cooking-related product slogans?

I don't pay much attention to slogans but I happened to catch a glimpse of the side of a bottle of Bar Keeper's Friend this morning and noticed the slogan "once tried, always used" and my immediate thought was "wow, that's so true." What are the best and worst food and cooking-related product slogans?

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  1. The commercial was pushing an individually packaged breakfast cereal with a milk box included so your kids can get their own breakfast. I can't remember exactly what the slogan was, but it might as well been "because your life is so important and you are way too busy to make your kids a bowl of cereal, buy this product and let the little pissers fend for themselves!!"

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    1. With a name like Smuckers, it must be good jam.

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        What about Mangled Baby Ducks? THAT must be good jam!

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          lol...gotta love Saturday Night Live. The bass-o-matic comes to mind.

      2. 'Prego... its in there.' If I use a jarred sauce I use this one because I like the balance

          1. There was a local butcher shop near me whose slogan was "You can't beat our meat!" - I'm not kidding.

            Every time I hear the slogan for Smuckers, it make me think "with a price like that, it *better* be good..."

            I always hated the Oscar Meyer one - "my baloney has a first name..." because it made me think of Wilbur from Charlotte's Web.

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              Wilbur was a baloney? I had no idea...


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                Similar butcher story-- mine claimed "Nobody Beats Pete's Meat." Pete was a great guy. I used to sometimes buy a burger's amount of ground beef and invariably got asked, "What, ya havin' a party tonight?" And I invariably laughed and went home in a good mood.

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                  I agree, really dumb, and can you just imagine the lawsuit when someone orders the regular fried chicken, bites into the bones and then ends up in the emergency room.

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                    Just doesn't resonate like Ol' Harlan's "Always Fresh. Never Frozen."

                  2. I believe at one point Subway was using "foot long yum rocket" as part of their $5 footlong campaign.


                    1. Who doesn't love the Oscar Mayer jingle (well, maybe not Senor Carlos Danger)! 'Cause everyone would be in love with me! Hebrew National's "We answer to a higher authority" is pretty good, too. "Where's the Beef?".

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                        In Israel, a friend of mine once saw a billboard that said: "Maccabee. The Chosen Beer of the Chosen People."

                      2. Does anybody remember the margarine commercial: "If you think it's butter, but it's not, it's Chiffon"? Of course, it came out sounding like "If you think it's butter, but it's SNOT." Yuk!!

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                          We thought that was the height of humor in grade school!

                        2. I am not a morning person. In high school I was mystified for months by the radio jingle I heard every morning when the clock-radio went off: "Chock Full O Nuts is the heavenly coffee, heavenly coffee, heavenly coffee. Chock Full O Nuts is the Heavenly coffee--Better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy!' Why can't a millionaire's money by this coffee? And why Chock Full o Nuts anyway? (It wasn't a familiar brand in Oregon.)

                            1. This is more of a local one, but while living in Ft. Worth, TX (home of somewhat-celeb chef Tim Love) we would periodically grab a burger or sandwich from one of his Love Shack sandwich joints. But the sauce on many of these things? Chef Love's Love Sauce. And it was white and runny. Just wrong on soooo many levels.

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                                  The burgers had some, uh, adult-ish names as well. The only one that I recall at the moment is the Dirty Love Burger. Groan...

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                                    I seriously just groaned reading that! :)

                                    I see they have one called the Boom Boom as well...lol

                              1. "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face." Carl's Jr.

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                                  We boycott Carl's Jr. just 'cause of their ads. Really--you need to sexualize a cheap fast food burger?

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                                    I've been called nuts because I do the same. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

                                2. Here in Cincinnati, for decades the Kahn's company made what as a kid I thought was the only brand of wiener made. The slogan was "Kahn's -- The Wiener The World Awaited."

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                                    "The Wiener The World Awaited"
                                    Now that should be repurposed as a slogan for Carlos Danger’s campaign.

                                  2. "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." KA-BLAM!!

                                    Any assistance on a better thunder rendition would be appreciated.

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                                    1. Not a slogan, but I will never forget those singing hamster/rat/zombie things for Quizno's.

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                                      1. There's a photograph used to advertise a restaurant here in La Jolla that has always annoyed me. In it, the owners are shown with whole fish stuffed in their mouths. Aside from being a turn-off, I'm not sure what the premise is. The restaurant doesn't even specialize in seafood. Whomever did the advertising must have thought that a yuppie with a fish tail sticking out of his mouth would scream, "come here to eat!"

                                        1. I always thought the Dominos "we don't suck anymore" campaign was weird. There was a commercial where they had people eating it and describing the sauce and someone said "I don't even think there are real tomatoes in this." Then the walls fall away and they're in a field of tomato plants. I'm like - they just said it tastes like there are no tomatoes. You're like - surprise! There ARE (even though it doesn't taste like it).

                                          Also the Hardees commercials that showed dirty sweaty people licking melted cheese off the wrappers while they sat in a truck or whatever. Didn't really make me want to eat there.

                                          Sorry - not exactly slogans, but mostly on topic.

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                                            You have never seen a person move faster than me getting to the Mute button when a Hardee's commercial comes on...ugh

                                            1. re: ItalGreyHound

                                              Ah yes, women having sexual relations with their lunch. Makes me just want to run right over to Hardee's. Not.

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                                                Just wrote something similar above, on Carl's Jr. I've heard they're cousins with Hardee's--must have the same juvenile ad agency.

                                                1. re: pine time

                                                  Same owners these days, different names on each coast.

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                                                  You reminded me of their other ad campaign - sexy ladies eating cheeseburgers. Incidentally I believe that was what turned Padma Lakshmi off vegetarianism and led to her career on Top Chef.

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                                                    I guess a big part of their demographic is teen boys, so as they say, "sex sells." I'm no prude, but the ads are just too much.

                                            2. Domino's Pizza's Avoid the Noid campaign did not make me want to eat their pizza.

                                              I don't understand how a food company cannot see that causing their potential customers to lose their appetite is counterproductive.

                                              1. Mr. Food (RIP) always creeped me out when he would say "Oooh It's So Good!". He totally sounded all pervy.

                                                I kind of got a kick out of Frank's Red Hot, "I Put That Sh*t On Everything" slogan.

                                                1. Dipper Dan, a Japanese creperie:

                                                  "Making you feel Nice and Happy by tasting Dipper Dan's flavor. That's Our Happiness. Making heartfelt communication between you and Dipper Dan, that's our wishness. Dipper Dan was founded in 1972."

                                                  I tried a crepe in Fukuoka, and needless to say, it was a crepe. But the slogan works.


                                                  1. I've always had a special place in my heart for "I feel like chicken tonight" and its accompanying dance. It's somewhat iconic for people of my generation, even if none of us actually eat the product.

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                                                      hahaha, I was just singing that for my husband last week. He couldn't remember there ever being such a product, or such a song. Had to do the dance and everything.

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                                                        For some reason (?) that slogan does not have me picking up the phone.

                                                      2. "And I hail-p'd!!"
                                                        ["And I helped!!"]


                                                        1. "There's always room for Jell-O" is definitely another in the "so true" column.

                                                          1. "Live Chicken. Fresh Killed"

                                                            Mayflower Poultry in Cambridge Ma.

                                                            Yes, we own the t-shirt!

                                                            1. way back when - as kids - there was a slogan - "you like it, it likes you" - was it for Seven Up soda pop? (it's like sprite)

                                                              maybe it was around the same time as the famous coca cola commercials "I'd like to teach the world to sing etc etc"

                                                              what were the Tang slogans - it went to the moon, didn't it?

                                                              and Life Cereal - He likes it, Mikey likes it ----

                                                              it's odd - does starbucks have a slogan - I don't really understand most slogans anyway! (or they come across just silly, as others have pointed out here)

                                                              EDIT to add - yes, it was 7-up ... i also liked their one "the uncola" - that's clever

                                                              ... tho the one slogan "never had it, never will" (referring to caffeine) - that could be turned several ways, couldn't it?


                                                              1. Everytime I hear a really bad one, I visualize a bunch of yuppies in a conference room someplace. With $5 coffee cups on the table and equally expensive bottled water "brainstorming" with some corporate training boob with a sharpie drawing all kinds of arrows and circles on a flip chart. Then they come up with some assinine slogan like "Let the making begin" or "I ate the bones".

                                                                1. The Saskatchewan Pork Producers Association came up with this lovely one many years ago...

                                                                  Pork. The one you love!

                                                                  The photo really helped bring it all together.

                                                                  1. Don't know if they still use the add, but eons ago in Austria, there was a poster that Gösser beer used. There was a picture of a bottle of beer and next to it were three words.


                                                                    I thought it was a clever play on words and rhymes.