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Jul 29, 2013 07:24 AM

2 dinners and a lunch in Vancouver

I will be visiting Vancouver in late September with 2 of my co-workers from Toronto. We all love good food and are not picky about cuisine, the only food restriction that some of us have is pork. I was hoping you could suggest some spots for 2 dinners and a lunch preferably under $35pp (excluding drinks). In terms of cuisine, I enjoy everything, I am slightly partial towards Asian flavours but pretty much open to everything. I love food that is creative but like I said please feel free to suggest any must have places in Vancouver. If it helps we will be staying at Metropolitan Hotel, Vancouver.

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  1. Any of the outlets (right side of web page) in downtown of the mighty GUU chain would be fun, and not exceed your pp budget:


    1. Hey!! we have some of the guu restaurants in Toronto and I go to them all the time. Is there any thing else perhaps unique to Vancouver you would suggest or just a good meal...even if its higher than our budget I really don't mind splurging!!! Thanks for any help!!!

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        Here's my best of Van list -- if any of these interest you I can add detail:

        L'abbatoir for higher end French-influenced modern food
        Alvin Garden (Hunan, pork heart!)
        Anatolia's Gate (Burnaby, Turkish, awesome baked lavash and pides)
        Crystal Mall (Burnaby, Asian food court)
        Good Choice (dimsum, certain items are very good)
        Pinpin (Filipino, just the sisig and the crispy pata)
        Zakkushi (for Japanese things on sticks)
        9 Dishes (for water boiled fish and [lack of] ambiance)
        Argo Cafe (if they have the duck confit on the menu posted at 11 am each weekday, $12.50!)
        #2 or #7 banh mi from Ba Le on Kingsway
        Hai Phong for Vietnamese hot pots, tamarind crab, bun, ban xheo, ban khot, chicken wings
        Kalvin's (Sichuan/Taiwanese mashup, resos mandatory, get the fish with yellow chives)
        Bee Kim Heng (this is a store that sells very good Singapore-style beef and pork jerky)
        Green Lemon Grass (Vietnamese $5 breaky dishes before 11 am, bot chien is great)
        My Chau (Vietnamese chicken pho, really excellent, closes early, no Sundays)
        Song Huong (Viet again, seven courses of beef, quality may be declining)
        Lin's (only get the XLB and maybe the rice hot pot, but get the XLB!)
        Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (a Japanese chain, yes, but they have toroniku, which you must have before you die)
        Miko Sushi (expensive but topnotch old school sushi place, casual, only order a la carte)
        La Buca (much prefer this to La Quercia FWIW)
        Sweet Obsessions (just for the lemon dacquoise dessert)
        Ajisai (somewhat pricey, go early re no resos and sit at the bar)
        Tokyo Thyme (casual sushi, traditional ingredients used in modern ways, avoid cooked food)
        HK BBQ Masters (Richmond, the best Chinese BBQ I've tried yet, you can dine in on a very limited menu or take it to go, stick with the bbq or roasted pork/ribs, ask for half/half not lean)
        Richmond Public Market/President's Plaza/Lansdowne etc (Asian food courts, do a day-time tour and pick the top items, need a car and extra bellies for this)
        Red Wagon (for the pork belly and the pulled pork pancakes if you're feeling naughty, avoid on weekends and go early even on weekdays)
        Cadeaux Bakery (passion fruit meringue tartlet, sundaes)
        Big Lou's for the porchetta sandwich (split one for $9.50)
        Notturno Paninoteca (get the tartufo, fumo or blue fico)
        Big Chef (Richmond, Auntie Song's fish soup and Chinese "chawan mushi" are standouts)
        coffee: Matchstick (good baking here too, especially the double baked almond croissants), Elysian, Kafka's, Revolver

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          Oh wow thank you so much I will go through these and short list some..

      2. Hi,
        We have added more stays to our trip and have decided on the following:
        Tableau Bistro and
        Hapa Izakaya

        Q4 Alcentro
        for the last dinner we are confused between The flying pig van and cioppinos (yale town)

        Please let me know your thoughts

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          If you're here this week you're in luck for some fab weather :-)

          Either of your lunch choices are great as you are close to Coal Harbour and can take advantage of the proximity before/after lunch. If you three would venture some Korean, I had a fabulous lunch at Sura last month, just down the street from Hapa:


          There were 2 adults and three grade schoolers, and we stuffed ourselves silly on only two "lunch set SU" ($15pp, or $30 total). We ran out of table space with all the plates and dishes that just kept on coming and coming. The other lunch set is "RA" at $20/pp and I can only surmise a huge food coma nap awaits you with that.


          The space is classy, open & airy. V. friendly service.

          If a more lively ambiance is preferred, try Cardero's right on the water in Coal Harbour. Again, takes full advantage of our lovely weather at the moment:


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            Although both are in Yaletown, The Flying Pig and Cioppinos are in two very different classes of dining.

            Cioppinos is high end Italian. This would be a splurge dinner as I think a dinner here would be more than the $35 pp budget you had. The pasta dishes are fantastic, especially the Pappardelle (4 hour-braised veal cheeks and porcini mushrooms).

            The Flying Pig I rank as a mid range Westcoast fare and would fit into your budget. I haven't been but my friends seem to like the food here.

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              I just wanted to report back!
              We loved L'Abbatoir- the duck main was AMAZING
              we also really enjoyed Cioppinos and Q4Alcentro (the pricing here is excellent)
              Tableau left us a little underwhelmed...
              we also ended up going to Miku which we loved
              Thank you all for your suggestions:)

          2. I'd throw in these options for lunch that wouldn't blow your budget:

            Joe Fortes (Thurlow)