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Jul 29, 2013 05:56 AM

Siggie's - Worcester

Drive by Siggie's in Worcester yesterday (former location of Fuzion and Gracie's). Sign is up. Anyone know if the have opened yet?

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  1. Don't see any info online about them opening. The article I found from May said they hoped to open sometime this past June. Will keep my eyes open.

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    1. re: curly girl

      Have you seen anything curly girl? Thanks.

      1. re: JanR

        Sorry Jan R. - just got back from a week in The Florida Keys. Thanks for the info that it opens today. I usually give new places a week or two before trying them. Look forward to your review if you venture over that way. I did order food last night from a little place in Schwenksville called Moccia's Train Stop. A friend's daughter was having a Fund Raising dinner there. Food was wonderful. Will definitely try them again soon and eat there - they serve wine and beer