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Jul 29, 2013 05:25 AM

GE side by side monogram quirk. Frustrating!

For some reason, if the fridge door doesn't shut completely, say until temp rises to 40-45f, instead of recovering
after a time, the freezer temp plummets to 12+ below and
the fridge will not cool down, settling in around 46f.
The only fix, is to empty out the unit and shut off the breaker
for a couple days, then turn it back on and within 8 hrs. all is good.
Ge has been useless in coming up with a permanent fix.
It's an 05 built in and I have never seen such a FUSSY appliance!
We check the door with a paranoid like fervor!
Anyone out there have this problem and know of a fix?

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  1. Have you contacted GE? Seems to me that there is something very wrong with that fridge. Is it new?

      1. re: Td61

        I suggested calling GE............ there is clearly an issue with that fridge.

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          There is an issue with anything that has GE on it.

          Know of no fix other than contacting GE.

          Good luck!

          oops! I missed the post below.

      2. In my opening post, I explained GE was useless.
        I also say it's an 05.
        I've already paid a GE tech to come out and tell me to empty out the unit and leave it off for 48hrs.
        That's their answer.
        Maybe a tech or owner that has dealt with issue
        will chime in.

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        1. re: Td61

          Happened again.
          Door not left opened.
          48hrs. could not recover from 45f.
          This time the freezer rose to 9f.
          Giving GE. another chance Friday.
          Wish me luck!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. $100.00 to tell me they can't find a problem.
            Try to call when the problem is occurring.
            We could change the control board and upper damper door
            assembly, $712.00. Looks like I'll have to wait.
            To add insult to injury, the sonovabitch recovered nicely after
            the service raised the fridge temp to 60F.!