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GE side by side monogram quirk. Frustrating!

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For some reason, if the fridge door doesn't shut completely, say until temp rises to 40-45f, instead of recovering
after a time, the freezer temp plummets to 12+ below and
the fridge will not cool down, settling in around 46f.
The only fix, is to empty out the unit and shut off the breaker
for a couple days, then turn it back on and within 8 hrs. all is good.
Ge has been useless in coming up with a permanent fix.
It's an 05 built in and I have never seen such a FUSSY appliance!
We check the door with a paranoid like fervor!
Anyone out there have this problem and know of a fix?

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  1. Have you contacted GE? Seems to me that there is something very wrong with that fridge. Is it new?

      1. re: Td61

        I suggested calling GE............ there is clearly an issue with that fridge.

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          There is an issue with anything that has GE on it.

          Know of no fix other than contacting GE.

          Good luck!

          oops! I missed the post below.

      2. In my opening post, I explained GE was useless.
        I also say it's an 05.
        I've already paid a GE tech to come out and tell me to empty out the unit and leave it off for 48hrs.
        That's their answer.
        Maybe a tech or owner that has dealt with issue
        will chime in.

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        1. re: Td61

          Happened again.
          Door not left opened.
          48hrs. could not recover from 45f.
          This time the freezer rose to 9f.
          Giving GE. another chance Friday.
          Wish me luck!

        2. $100.00 to tell me they can't find a problem.
          Try to call when the problem is occurring.
          We could change the control board and upper damper door
          assembly, $712.00. Looks like I'll have to wait.
          To add insult to injury, the sonovabitch recovered nicely after
          the service raised the fridge temp to 60F.!