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Favorite uses for fresh oregano?

Oregano is one of the few green herbs that I think retains reasonably good flavor when dried, but I love how bright and aromatic it is when fresh. What are favorite dishes you make with fresh oregano (and in which you wouldn't sub dried)?

I don't eat red meat, so for myself, I'd especially welcome ideas for vegetables, poultry, or fish/shellfish.

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  1. i love it on pizza with tomato sauce and cheese. so many people use basil on everything these days, it's not to have the taste of oregano.

    1. I use it anywhere that you'd use dried.

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          Thumbs up. Mellows the flavor nicely.

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            What do you put in your oregano pesto? I like the idea, and I'm thinking oregano might lend itself to a more elemental treatment than the cheese and nuts of pesto Genovese.

          2. In a greek-type salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, red onion, and feta.

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              I just about every kind of salad, fresh oregano adds a nice kick.

            2. Marinara with fresh herbs: basil, oregano and parsley.

              1. Fresh oregano adds a nice zing to Greek potato salad (dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano on warm cooked potatoes; chopped parsley a good addition, too).

                1. I spatchcocked Cornish game hens and did this Bobby Flay recipe...... pretty damn delicious and a very elegant presentation tooo..


                  I used fresh oregano for pork Sovalki this weekend - very good...

                  I got scared off (foolishly) many years ago from using a Oragano (dried not fresh).... it completed destroyed my 'sunday' gravy ( okay it was likely wenesday gravy). So I have just recently discovered fresh oregano.... it's under used and under apriciated IMHO.....

                  I use dried organo lots now.... However, I use the Mexican variety.... I should start a new thread on this.. Mexican oregano ( I belive it's actually lemon verbena?) is easier for me to cook with and I do often...

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                    Mexican oregano is not lemon verbena, which has a nice lemony flavor, but it is a verbena rather than a mint, which is what Mediterranean oregano is.

                    Confusing, I know. I grow and use both. I also grow and use Cuban oregano, which is also called Mexican mint.

                    I do a lot of Mexican cooking and use Mexican oregano frequently. They all have their uses. To some degree they are interchangeable, but there are subtlties that make knowing the difference worthwhile.

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                      Mediterranean oregano and Mexican oregano are very, very different animals. All you have to do is smell them.

                  2. Greek chicken: marinate chicken ~2 hours with fresh oregano, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and S&P. Grill or broil.

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                      This Martha Stewart recipe for Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Oregano is very good.


                    2. I've stir-fried with corn and leeks.

                      1. Gennaro's in NYC summer salad - cubed watermelon, crumbled goat cheese, just a little excellent olive oil, sea salt, fresh oregano

                        1. Thanks for all the terrific suggestions. Looking forward to playing with fresh oregano.