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Jul 28, 2013 07:33 PM

Vegetarian restaurant in Cleveland?

Does Cleveland have a good vegetarian restaurant for dinner? Does not have to be vegan. Near University Circle/Cleveland Clinic would be nice but we'll have a car to go farther afield. There's someplace called Flaming Ice Cube - worth trying? What's the atmosphere there?

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  1. The Cube is a very, very small, informal cafe, like a lunch takeout place with a handful of tables. Their food is very good and all vegan, and inexpensive. It's not what I'd call a dinner destination unless you are specifically looking to go to an all-vegan place. The people are very nice.

    You might look into Accent, which is over in the university circle area and is fairly new. They have a wide variety of items on the menu.

    1. Almost nowhere is all vegetarian. However most places have several vegetarian options now.