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Artichoke overload

Help - I have 1/2 a large jar of marinated artichoke hearts left over from a salad recipe I made last week. Any ideas?

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  1. They'll keep if you can refrigerate them, preferably in a smaller container.

    1. Add to a sandwich, chop and add to eggs, pizza topping, in a grilled cheese, added to pasta and tomato sauce

      1. I would give them a quick rinse and then use them as part of the filling for a lasagna or in a tomato sauce with onions, peppers and herbs.

          1. I don't remember the recipe, but a friend used to make 'artichoke bites' as an appetizer that used marinated artichoke hearts, with their marinade, in what I remember being a quiche type (eggs and cream or half & half) base filling, with oregano & parmigiana, cooked in a buttered pan and cut into 1.5" squares. It was good!

            1. Slice them into small wedges and wrap with a good prosciutto.

              1. Rinse and use in an omelette (with or without tomatoes and/or cheese), or in a pasta salad with chopped giardinera and tuna and olive oil to taste, or tossed with tuna and cannellini beans and chopped onions on top of your favorite salad greens with summer tomatoes.

                1. Over toasted bread as bruschetta (add prosciutto if you have it, or ricotta, or even cottage cheese)

                  As a stir-in for pasta, or for eggs (scrambled, omelette, quiche)

                  Guessing you have the salad options covered since that's where you started!

                  1. I use drained, jarred artichokes in a spread I make in the food processor with olives (any combination is good, but I like both green and black), sun dried tomatoes, garlic, some hot pickled peppers, and some olive oil. I use it in pita sandwiches with hummus, cucumbers, crunchy romaine, sliced red onion. I also use it as a pasta sauce alone or combined with pesto or for bruschetta.

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                        Ditto. I'm totally stealing this idea!

                    1. A friend makes a "city mouse" version of tuna noodle casserole, including home-made mornay sauce and jarred artichoke hearts.

                      1. I like to sauté onions until very soft, but not necessarily caramelized, add drained artichoke hearts and baby spinach and cook until the spinach is wilted and artichokes are heated thru. Make a wonderful bed for grilled chicken or fish or a filling for omelets.

                        1. Drain a few and add to sandwiches, delicious. As well you can add as a topping to steak, and lovely with some kind of gravy on top...

                          1. I love Penn Station's artichoke sandwiches. I think they just saute them with some fresh mushrooms, then add them to a roll with some mayo, provolone and oregano and broil them till the cheese is melted. You could probably look them up on their official site for the correct ingredients.

                            You can also bread them and fry them, similar to fried mushrooms.