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Jul 28, 2013 05:39 PM

Good Paella? with a roofdeck?


My boyfriend's birthday is this week and I'm looking for a NYC restaurant (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) to take him that serves amazing paella and ideally has a roof deck to sit out on... Anyone have any suggestions for places to check out?

Thank you!

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  1. No such place, except for my house. ;-)

    But you can get close at Socarrat on Second Ave. I think that they have outdoor seating on the second floor.

    The tapas there are suprisingly good too.

    1. La Nacional Tapas Bar, 239 West 14th Street (between 7th Ave. & 8th Ave.) is rumored to have great paella, but it doesn't have the rooftop thing going on.

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        Conversely, Alma in Red Hook has an incredible roof deck, but no paella.

      2. maybe do Socarrat Chelsea and then drinks at the Gallow Green rooftop bar after? beautiful space - you need to buy tickets to access the roof, but the cost of them is applied to whatever you's their way of regulating the crowdedness of the space.

        1. There's a place in Astoria called La Rioja (been a while). It was kind of a store restaurant, but morphed into more of a restaurant. Worth checking into.