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Sumptuous main dish for pot luck wedding

Friends who have been together 20 years are marrying in October, since now they can and are having a potluck. Please no comments on whether or not you approve of this plan.
The meal is vegetarian and I want to bring something really delightful, hot or cold, not needing to be vegan but would prefer not drenched in cheese.
My copy of Plenty is on the way but I am seeking your thoughts.

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  1. (Congrats to your friends!!!)
    For a pretty presentation i always love to make a stuffed vegetable or a "self contained" individual serving like a puff pastry packet wrapped around roasted veg or indiv quiche/savory tart. Foods that are room temp or cold will be best for the potluck setting.

    1. I have attended a couple pot luck weddings. They are just wonderful. I think it takes a certain openness and grace to trust your friends and loved ones to provide the wedding fare.

      How about a beautiful layered ratatouille? http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2007/0... Contains a link to Thomas Keller’s Confit Byaldi.

      1. Something in phyllo? I made this for a vegan entree option for Thanksgiving last year (with olive oil instead of butter to make it vegan, which worked fine) and it looked beautifun and went over well:

        Tastes fine at room temperature or hot. If you don't know people's spice preferences, cut the cayenne to the lower level in the recipe -- it's got a nice kick to it as written, which was great with my family but is sometimes not what one wants for a potluck.

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        1. Here is a recipe (I posted under another discussion recently) that's not only delicious, but beautiful to look at when served on a large platter. Any fresh market veggies can be used. Can be served cold or at room temp. I use feta or goat cheese with a simple vinaigrette, but the cheese is certainly optional. I can't recommend it enough!


          (There's many other great veggie dishes on this site)

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            Thanks for sharing that blog! It's fabulous and very much appreciated.

          2. ratouille.
            normally well received as making a good ratatouille is labor intensive and most of the people that cook appreciate this.

            fresh fruit salad
            one loaded with top quality extremely fresh fruit.
            (i.e. get the berries the day of the wedding if at all possible)
            skip any apples or bananas that oxidize.
            focus on berries, mango, papaya, pineapple, etc.
            for garnish coconut flakes

            1. Any idea what other people are bringing?

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              1. some sort of fall-theme cream soup? People can serve themselves in to small cups

                i've made roasted fall carrot-ginger with vegetable broth --- i pureed it - and then added some coconut milk (the TJ's brand) for extra creaminess - tho I am sure i could have used some of the other non-dairy based "milk" products avail

                garnishes - as guests wish -

                or if they are having "waiters" (as some - even casual - events do to keep the place clean and clutter-free ---- easy to hire people from your fav local restaurant if it is closed that day ... or from the local college etc) ---- then maybe someone could pass small warm mugs of soup to keep the guests from getting too famished before the main course has been set out for service ---- i recently attended a vegan wedding (interesting) - and that was what they did except the soup was appropriately cool (it was summer hot day)

                have a look at the recipes and photos here - fabulous food - this was who catered the vegan wedding - these were one of the items http://www.feedlife.ca/collard-wraps-...

                remember one thing that nobody may have thought of and that is the "GUEST favor" ----- we often offer to do that as a gift for the couple - it could be the couple's fav cookie recipe - or a plain cookie shaped in their fav activity theme (and iced etc) - or heart shape cookie / chocolate ---- or some people give a small plant appropriate to the area ---- pkg in pretty clear cello with ribbon (or raffia) and a label. I know that some people might feel that favors are "too young" BUT I know that in the end, everyone loves it - i've even done some favors with origami (heart shape over a cookie in a bag) - and then the kids can help fold etc

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                  It is not that type of wedding at all. And anyway, I just a guest, so no influence over planning. This is a good old fashioned not organized lesbian pot luck.

                  I have decided on a Russian vegetable pie, filled with cabbage and wild mushrooms and cream cheese. It is good room temp and I can make the crust special with maple leaf cut outs to honor fall in New England.

                  Thanks for all suggestions.

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                    Sounds delicious. I'd love the recipe when you have the chance.

                    If you're bringing it in your own dish, make sure to label it! I like to write my name and number on masking tape and stick it on the bottom

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                      This sounds like a fun wedding! And that pie sounds heavenly. Please share the recipe!

                      I was going to suggest Persian Jeweled rice because its pretty. But that can ve saved for another event!

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                        I got very sick and didn't go but here is the recipe.

                        you can use kale for the cabbage, ricotta for the cream cheese,
                        I also make the innards without the crust and top with pecans.

                  2. What a lovely collection of celebratory recipes! I love the pastilla. I'm very sorry you were ill, but perhaps the happy couple will reciprocate, on a smaller scale.

                    Congratulations to the brides!