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VdeG weekday lunch?

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Headed back down to Valle de Guadalupe sometime next week for lunch. Corazon serves from 1:30 on, and that's a possibility, but where else might you suggest?

Going via 500lb badass dirtbike, so off road is ok. But not a "wine destination". Alcohol and motorcycles are contraindicated.

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  1. Ochentos. . .pizza.


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      We've discussed Ochentos before- is the pizza somehow "Baja Coastal?".

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        No, it's just tasty. Setting is Baja wine country tho'

        You could try Silvestre or the pop-up at La Lomita. Laja does lunch

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            Yeah, Laja...be like Nike

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              Uh-oh. I don't think I comprehendo.

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                Just do it

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                  Laja or Finca Altozano?

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    2. Well...

      Despite the posted hours on the website and a FB message confirmation, our pilgrimage to Finca was dashed. They were closed for lunch yesterday (did I mention their FB message confirming they would be open?? Grrr.) as was Laja.

      So back to Corazon- hardly a consolation prize, though- another fantastic meal. Long, leisurely lunch.

      Really, really good.

      1. Mustafa's for great middle eastern food and a terrific apple pie.

        Corre Caminos for great coffee shop breakfast and lunch and a similar super size apple pie and there is a very rustic (wood shed)restaurant down a dirt road that is begins on the south side of the highway opposite maquila and the orphanage that are the first big structures you encounter on your left as you start on the road into the valley. It's super popular as an after church destination for Ensenada locals.