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Jul 28, 2013 05:09 PM

SF Restaurant recs for FOODIES WITH KIDS.

Anyone have recs for restaurants that a tourist (up from LA) foodie can enjoy with kids, aged 6&8? They'll eat steak, pasta, sushi, sometimes chicken, but nothing fussy. We'll be up mid-week, T-F, and staying in Union Sq, though I don't mind taxiing there. Any help, much appreciated! Thx

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  1. Ragazza always seems to have a lot of kids present. Italian/pizza.

    1. Nopa, Piccino, and the Ferry Building (prepared foods at the Tuesday & Thursday markets).
      Ragazza or Gialina (in Glen Park) are both good options.
      I haven't tried Barbacco with my daughter, but think it might be a good option. Maybe Zero Zero?

      1. Perbacco, Perbacco. Haven't been to Wayfare Tavern but seems to have favorable reviews here lately.

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          I find Perbacco pretty corporate/business customer centric during the weekdays. I'm not sure how kid friendly that atmosphere is.

          1. re: goldangl95

            My kids love Perbacco. Have been taking them there for as long as I can remember (weekdays as well). For pasta, they prefer it over Cotogna, La Ciccia, A16 & Zero Zero.

            Always great service, with or without kids.

        2. Anyplace for lunch that isn't formal/business lunch-ish will be fine. Going to dinner very early is recommended so you aren't in the middle of the dinner rush.

          Check out the menu at Cotogna which is open at "off times."

          Boboquivari's if the family likes steak has a boisterous atmosphere. The steak is one of the best in the city (but SF isn't a steak town).

          Suppenkuche would also work though there can be quite a wait.

          1. i believe foreign cinema has a separate kids menu