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Jul 28, 2013 05:09 PM

Smoking Good BBQ in Bethel, ME

Boston area CH'er visiting my folks timeshare up here in Bethel, and want to give a shout out about the aforementioned BBQ's very good. My wife and I each got a 2 meat combo platter, one with brisket, and hot links, the other with pulled pork and BBQ chicken.....sooo smokey and good! The combo is served with beans (excellent), slaw (weird and orange, but tasty?), pickles (good) and cornbread (dry). The real stars of the show were the meats, perfect moist and smokey brisket, very tender with a great bark, smoked sausage that I can't stop thinking about, the pulled pork was moist and tasty, and the chicken (pulled as well) was so flavorful. Very glad my folks have a permanent home base so close to such solid BBQ.....much better than Boston provides!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks for the post! Hope they are year-round, we'd love to check them out in the fall.

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        I think they might be, but can't vouture for sure

      2. any other recommendations for this area - I have a vegetarian husband though I loooove bbq

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          only other place I out ate at was a dive pub (Sud's Pub) that had SHOCKINGLY good pizza, kind of like a southern MA bar pie (if your familair with the style), the rest of Sud's food was pretty forgetful, not bad just not great. Sud's was in Bethel's downtown area (if you can call it that!)