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Burger tonight - MDR/Culver area

besides FO, looking for good to great burger in the MDR/Culver area for tonight. Any thoughts??

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  1. Sorry that none of these are specifically in MdR or Culver city, but,

    Is West LA too far? Plan Check.

    Playa del Rey - The Tripel.

    El Segundo - Second City Bistro.

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      1. George Petrelli's Steakhouse at Sepulveda & Jefferson has a fantastic burger & fries. Nice bar too. As for the rest of the menu, not so much...

        1. +1 on Lounge/Pono/Umami but if SM is too far, how about Humble Potato, or slightly more upscale 26 Beach?

          1. 26 Beach is the immediate thought but Hal's does a good one as well with excellent fries. J Nichols Kitchen is fine as well but not as good as 26 Beach.

            1. thanks all! actually ended up going to warterloo and city. they have a burger on the sunday/monday. mom enjoyed the burger. i can't resist their fish and chips so that's that i had. After I posted the question I remembered that I am going to Plan Check tomorrow night for dinner for a friends bday. looking forward to trying their burger and all others reccomedned that I havent tried yet!

              1. Agree on the suggestion of Plan Check in West LA.

                For a cheap but delicious burger, there is Hinano in MRD/Venice.

                In MRD, there is 26 Beach Cafe.

                In Culver City, there is Public School 310.

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                  I've always liked 26 Beach but never loved their burgers. They are fine and all but I think I've gotten old and phrumpy in the past few years. The kinda whacky and whimsical burger iterations were fun at first, but all I want now is a solid burger that doesn't stray too far from the basic concept. Another issue I've had with 26 Beach is the lack of desired beers on tap. I think they have three taps going and nothing on them that would attract my attention. While the bottle choices are well and good, I can do that at home.

                  1. re: bulavinaka

                    Does this mean the 26 Beach "fudge burger" is off your dining list for good? ;-D>

                    1. re: Servorg

                      It was interesting. I eat some form of chocolate almost every day. This was probably one of the more unique ways. And while the concept did work, it was one of those,"been there done that" things that I no longer feel compelled to do.

                      That burger with the crab, nori and avocado is really good, but I found it impossible to pick up and eat (that was a problem with many of their burgers). I think the solution would be to make the burger/bun twice as wide with the same amount of ingrdients.

                      1. re: bulavinaka

                        Bun integrity is very important (in so many aspects of life). Bun to meat (filling would be a more appropriate term when it comes to burgers like the crab, avocado and nori) ratio can affect my enjoyment almost as much as the taste of the filling. I have a hard time enjoying those burgers where the bottom bun slice ends up on the plate and now I'm holding the filling in the thumbs of my hands and the top slice of the bun in my other fingers. No wonder so many trees die in the manufacturing of napkins! (g)

                        1. re: Servorg

                          The Butterfly Effect has been replaced by burger buns lacking integrity.

                        2. re: bulavinaka

                          too bad they don't offer the six by six burger anymore.

                          something like 25 bucks for it and it was on the house if you finished the entire thing.

                          no fucking joke.

                          i never tried it though.

                          for me, the buck stop's at the Triple King Challenge at Fat Burger or the Royale Burger at B and R.

                        3. re: Servorg

                          the hot fudge sundae burger is not half bad.

                          i actually added guac and cheddar cheese to the mix to make it an even better burger.

                          good stuff, nothing earth-shattering though.

                          and their tiramisu is top-notch.

                    2. I like Roy Chois burger at sunny spot. The rest of the menu, not so much though....even the fries are too aggressively spiced. Actually just had hinano burger...it was ok.

                      1. I live on MDR/CC border and when I feel like eating a "better" burger (in other words, not at Centinela Cafe or the bowling alley or Fat Burger or In and Out) I eat at The Wood.

                        It's a nice burger that you can get with a fried egg and has a good bun. Not saying it's the greatest burger around, but if you really confine yourself to the MDR/CC area and don't stray it fits the bill.

                        I've also had a burger at Rush Street, but only had it once and it didn't make enough of an impression for me to recommend it. Rush Street is actually a pretty decent spot for drinks and bar food. Oddly enough, Rush Street manages to have a "chain restaurant" feel even though it's not part of a chain. I guess that's not a good thing.

                        Anyway -- next time you want a casual burger in the 'hood, you might give The Wood a shot.

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                        1. re: PaulF

                          i like your fave place for burgers:

                          ronnie's on culver.

                          1. re: kevin


                            Ronnie's does a nice burger.

                        2. Not a timely response but...

                          Public School, Akasha, City Tavern and Fords in CC all have solid burgers - not Umami or Plan Check level, but good enough to satisfy without too many flaws.

                          In MdR, I think J Nichols' burger is solid as well, 26 Beach's is not as good as it used to be, Islands is surprisingly tasty (you need to temper your expectations though), and Hinano decent for an old school style burger.

                          Also, in Mar Vista, Earls Gourmet Grub has really good burgers.