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NY to AZ Road Trip!

Would like food suggestions along the way, especially dinner recommendations for Indianpolis and Oklahoma City. Quick breakfast and lunch options welcomed too! We are taking 3 to 4 days to drive depending on weather. Our route is Route 80 in PA to Route 70 to 40. Some healthy choices would be great too! thanks

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  1. We ate at a good place in Grants, NM, El Cafecito. Looked like a locals place, and we enjoyed our meal there.
    Where are you headed in AZ?
    We liked the Saltgrass Steakhouse in Amarillo, TX, not far from our hotel. We stayed away from the kitchy east side of town, and stayed on the very western edge of town, and the steakhouse was nearby. Yes, it is a chain, but it was great.

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      Heading down to Phoenix. thanks for the recommendation!

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        How far west are you going on 40 before turning south? We turn south at Holbroook, great drive! We head to Mesa, so like to skip all the traffic going to PHX.
        If you go as far as Flagstaff, there is a place known for their pies between there and PHX, Rock Springs.

    2. If you're spending any time in Albuquerque, try Sadie's for wonderful New Mexico food. Be prepared to like heat!

      1. Many years ago i drove xcountry from cali to ny- there were few and far between healthy options. I recommend keeping a cooler in the car and picking up fresh fruits, veggies and drinks at a grocery near your hotel to save $ and have something healthy on hand.

        1. Amarillo has some surprisingly good choices. My favorite is the Country Barn. Don't be put off by the cheesy exterior (and interior), complete with a statue of a 30 foot cowboy. They raise their own grass-fed beef, have a killer wine list and do offer many seafood entrees, along with "Rocky Mountain Oysters". Great bar, with a cut-off vintage 50-something Cadillac over the bar. Right on I-40 West. Also try Ruby Tequila's. Some of the best fajitas anywhere, plus outstanding margaritas.
          I second the Sadie's recommendation. Great NM food, and plenty of it.

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            I second the fajitas at Ruby Tequilas - they are great

            The Jer

          2. Thanks for all the great tips!

            1. Try the Main Street Diner in Richmond Indiana just East of Indianapolis for lunch.

              1. For the view alone, try Vast, which I recall is located atop the 50-story Devon Energy Center in downtown Oklahoma City. There are a few decent steakhouses there, including Mickey Mantle's and an old one called Cattlemen's Steakhouse.

                Are you going to be crossing the State of Missouri? I can give you a few ideas on I-70 if you are ...

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                  Yes 70 is the route we plan to take. Thanks!

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                    I had to look this up, but it is one of my favorite places between St. Louis and KC: Try "87 Diner" located on the south side of I-70 at the intersection of Highway 87 (Exit 106) in Boonville, MO, which is West of Columbia, MO. The chicken fried steak is the best I've encountered outside of West Texas. It also serves a great breakfast if you like it fried and greasy! If you want to have excellent BBQ that represents the region's type, let me know and I can try to suggest a few near KC [where I have some experience with the places]. There are certainly some in St. Louis, but I lack knowledge about them.