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Jul 28, 2013 04:24 PM

NY to AZ Road Trip!

Would like food suggestions along the way, especially dinner recommendations for Indianpolis and Oklahoma City. Quick breakfast and lunch options welcomed too! We are taking 3 to 4 days to drive depending on weather. Our route is Route 80 in PA to Route 70 to 40. Some healthy choices would be great too! thanks

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  1. I don't know much about Oklahoma City. Ludivine and Vast are among their top restaurants. But nearby Tulsa is full of fine dining options. My favorites at the moment are all run by Justin Thompson. Prhyme, Juniper, and the newly open Tavolo. Here's a article that lists 10 favorite dishes. It's useful because it also lists 10 amazing restaurants, all of which merit a visit (except for Oui3, which is now closed).

    1. These look great, thanks!

      1. 40? I'm curious about your route. would hooking up with I-55 to I-10 to AZ make more sense?

        whatever your route be sure to carry jugs (yes JUGS) of water and simple snacks in the car. the towns in OK, TX, NM and AZ are few and VERY far between if there's engine trouble. (I spent a day 50 miles out of Abilene TX once waiting for a tow with a blown transmission while moving a friend back from Tempe)

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          I was rethinking taking 40 as well. I will check out your route and thanks for the advice!

        2. the lower you go, the hotter it is. I-40 is more scenic with better food, IMO.