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Jul 28, 2013 02:54 PM

Cape San Blas Vacation in August -- great house, but where will we eat?

We are 6 adults who love to eat, and a toddler, who is happy with her organic cheerios.

We will want to cook in sometimes, so will want a good source for fresh seafood. A greengrocers/farmers market would be great, too

We will want to eat out sometimes, so will want good seafood restaurants, within an hour or so of Port St. Joe, and in the less than $30 per entree range, not too fancy for a well-behaved toddler. If someone recommends a non-seafood restaurant, we'd try it, too -- we do love to eat.

On other vacations, we have stumbled onto restaurants attached to local fisheries, and been very happy.

Does anyone have any recent recommendations?

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  1. It's been years since we stayed on Cape San Blas, so I don't know what might be close. When we stayed there, we cooked in most nights.

    The Indian Pass Raw Bar is between Cape San Blas and Apalachicola. It's a dive, but good food and cold beer.

    Apalachicola has a good bit to offer and it's under an hour away. We like Boss Oyster and Up The Creek for very casual seafood. The Owl Cafe is wonderful, but a bit more upscale. If the weather is decent, you can sit outside with your toddler.

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      Thanks for the recommendations! I think that we will have to try the Indian Pass Raw Bar -- it sounds as if it is a tradition to visit. I'll mark Boss Oyster and Up the Creek on my list -- and maybe the toddler can stay with her parents or aunt one evening -- grandparents don't have to do all the child-minding!

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        Indian Pass Raw Bar is not really a dive. It's more of a restaurant hybrid.You get your own beer and soft drinks, etc.. In addition to awesome oysters they also have solid gumbo and excellent key lime pie. When we go up there we always visit a couple of times. If you really love oysters take your cooler and go to Wards seafood and fill it up and shuck them yourselves.

        1. re: rhnault

          Definitely have to have key lime pie -- I make it, too, but it tastes better in Florida.

          So how hard is it to shuck oysters?

    2. We like Killer Seafood in Mexico Beach. Also Sharon's Cafe, great for breakfast and Neon Palm for burgers. In Pt St Joe try Sisters or Peppers Cantina. On the weekends (Fri and Sat) look for Paul Gant's BBQ, if he's still doing his thing. It's a trailer with a big smoker out back. Great BBQ ribs and chopped sandwiches. And if you want to take a drive inland a ways, head up Rte 71 to Wewahitcka (?) and go to Red Roof BBQ. Might want to find the phone number and call ahead, been a while since I was through that town and they weren't open all the time.

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      1. re: crewsweeper

        Thanks, crewsweeper -- my sons are big barbecue lovers, so we will try one or more of the BBQ recommendations! Killer Seafood sounds great, too.

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          I forgot to add Apalachicola restaurants. The town's not that far away. Tends to close up on Sundays and daytime during the first part of the week. The Gibson Inn has always had a reputation of top line food, as does Verandas, if you'r elooking for a more fine dining establsihment one evening. Great bar. Tamara's and the Owl Cafe are good spots too. Across the street from Tamara's is a chocolate/icecream shop. The owner was looking at expanding it into a wine bar, but last time we were there nothing was happening. Someone's already meantioned Boss Oysters and Papa Joe's.

          1. re: crewsweeper

            I like the Apalachicola Seafood Restaurant too for a good seafood platter. I think that's what it's called. It's on a corner right in the middle of town.

      2. I think I've tried all the restaurants in the area in my five years of visiting Cape San Blas, and these are my favorites--In Apalach, Up the Creek for excellent seafood and an extensive menu (also a nice setting on the river) and The Owl for more
        upscale dining.. In Port St. Joe, Joe Mama, a sophisticated pizza restaurant with A+ pizza, and Paul Gant's barbecue truck
        for lunch Thursday theough Saturday. Killer Seafood in Mexico
        Beach has absolutely the best fried shrimp. The Indian Pass Raw Bar has a limited menu but is funky and fun.
        For fresh seafood 13 Mile Seafood in Apalach on the river has
        the best fish and shellfish to take home. Often they are unloading the boat when you go there.

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          Thanks especially for the 13 Mile Seafood recommendation. I may not know how to shuck oysters, but most other seafood I can handle!

        2. The Blue Parrot on St. George Island, just east of Appalach.

          1. Thanks to all of you for the great recommendations. We are looking forward to a good time doing very little but eating, sleeping, and looking at the water.