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Jul 28, 2013 02:11 PM

Good Breakfast Options

We will be in Manhattan (staying in Midtown) in October and wanted to get some options for really good breakfast restaurants. We frequently eat Sarabeth's Kitchen and plan on doing breakfast there. Anything similar that is as good or better? We would be fine traveling (up to Central Park), but don't want to travel to Soho or lower than Midtown. We are there on business and want to stay in the general area we will need to be in for appointments (which is generally anywhere from Midtown up to the bottom of Central Park - not going far into the Upper East or Upper West Side).

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  1. Do you have a price point? There are LOTS of good breakfast options in/around midtown. Without knowing how much you're willing to pay, or whether you want something casual or formal it's hard to give you guidance.

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      Price point is not really a worry. As far as how formal, something similar to Sarabeth's Kitchen in feel. We want to sit down, but won't have more than an hour to eat breakfast. Does that help at all?

      1. re: keleona1

        Probably a more formal than Sarabeth's, but my go-to spots for breakfast in/around Midtown are Ai Fiori and the restaurant in the Andaz Hotel.

        Someone also mentioned that the Landmarc does a good breakfast.

        Hope that helps.