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Jul 28, 2013 01:30 PM

Preferences Subdued


The following is printed (I copied it from their website: on the Breakfast menu (this place serves Breakfast only on Sat & Sun) of a local joint:

"We welcome you to Breakfast at LCK.
Many of you are now regulars and know what to expect from us weekend mornings. For the newcomers, there are a few caveats to enjoying Breakfast with us. We have a VERY small kitchen. For this reason we ask that you do not deviate from the menu in any way. The Eggs are prepared the way we feel they are best and we will not accommodate special requests, with the exception of Allergies. If you need this control, then our Omelet section is for you. If you trust us, then you will enjoy the rest of the menu. Also, when you’re done and paid and see a bunch of Hungry people waiting, feel free to go enjoy the rest of your day.
Thank You, Chef Chris"


"Please note, ALL of our Omelets are prepared with love by Denny & Jose. We use a TOUCH of Both Canola Oil and Butter Substitute (we think this is the way to do it), and will not leave these out (if you think the diner is not cooking eggs with oil when you ask, think again). Our Omelets are made by Chefs not short order cooks. If you do not like perfect omelets then you may order it well done, but we suggest otherwise."

Now, I must admit, it is very rare for me to make any changes to any menu selection anywhere, or ask for any substitutions anywhere, and I very much dislike crusty dry cardboard omelets everywhere.

I usually try to order things in any place that I don't often or ever make at home. I really enjoy ordering a dish from the menu and tasting what the chef has accomplished. It isn't a "chefs interpretation" thing but rather an enjoyment of food and how it tastes made by others. Heck, I already KNOW how I make it at home and I already KNOW mine is better.....

But, by the way the above menu preface reads, do Chowhounds find this lack of control constricting? Is such a thing written on a menu restricting to Chowhounds? Are prefaced caveats a desirable addition to the menu? Do you like to see such things on menus as much as I do?


    1. It comes off as pretty defensive, but as long as the chefs agree that sunny side up eggs should have runny yolks and set whites, I'm good.

      1. Their eggs don't look all that wonderful to me but, hey, it's their place.

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        1. re: c oliver

          Fried eggs seem like a very personal choice to me to impose on your customer. Not everyone likes runny yolks.

        2. The first part I really don't see a problem with. Maybe it could have been worded with a little less hostility, but it sounds like they don't have the staff/facilities to take special requests, and it's probably just as well to get that out in the open from the get-go.

          The second part I'm not so crazy about. First of all, are people asking for their eggs to be cooked with no fat of any kind? If so that seems a little misguided. But if they're getting a rash of people wanting butter instead, that might be a hint that what they think is the way to do it is actually not. And the end is uncalled for. If you're going to offer something, offer it. Don't offer it and then make a snotty comment to the people who might want to take you up on it.