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Jul 28, 2013 12:46 PM

lobster roll at Seawell Seafood – Pawcatuck, Connecticut

Has anyone else tried this lobster roll?

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  1. I have not but if Seawell makes it I am sure it is great! Seawell is such a wonderful seafood market.

    1. We just recently found another good lobster roll in that area. On Saturday during the Stonington farmers market if you go into the parking lot right there by the docks you will see a "fresh lobster" sign. Walk down the dock and there is a lady with a table and an umbrella. She sells lobster, lobster rolls, etc... The lobster roll was very good!!

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        Thanks for this - I went on the hunt for this lobster lady Saturday and it was worth it - The amount of meat you get for $10 made two lobster rolls at home.... a steal!

      2. We buy our lobsters(steamed on premise) at Seawell. They are straight off the docks in Stonington and it doesn't get any fresher than that. The potato roll sounds perfect(we use Martin's) but I don't know about the green onion on top. To me onion has no place on a lobster salad roll.

        1. Cold lobster meat, green onions, congealed butter and a potato roll - sorry, I'm just not feeling it.