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Jul 28, 2013 12:37 PM

Country pate? Where is the best?

We have gotten onto a pate kick recently, in particular, country pate. Anyone have suggestions for:

the best country pate served in a restaurant, preferably at a good bistro? We have found the one at Les Halles not bad, but how about some other options?

the best place to purchase country pate to go?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I actually loved county pate at marche du sud, a bit salty but very close to the country pate I had in France. Reasonable price too. Loved foie gras too.

    1. Epicerie Boulud has a selection of housemade pate if you would want to buy it to go, they also have their pates in several sandwiches there

      1. Thank you, we have not tried those. We recently returned from France and had pate near every day. Now it is just stuck in our minds. We brought back some great dijon and cornichons, but now we need the "focus" of the plate.

        There used to be a spot called the "French Butcher" on lower 2d Avenue years ago and they had a great pate, and outstanding roast chicken. But they closed .....

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          Any of the DB restaurants (db bistro, dbgb, bar boulud etc) will also have their housemade pates- very french style.
          I also saw some for sale at murray's cheese in the w village, as a shop they are generous with samples so i'm sure you can taste first.

        2. Bar Boulud and Epicerie Boulud are good calls. Not a fan of DBGB, though I don't recall a pate in particular on the menu there.

          From around mid-September to March or April, Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights makes a smashing wild game country pate. Worth the trip over the bridge (it's only one stop into BK...)