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Jul 28, 2013 12:33 PM

Looking for Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Having a dickens of a time finding Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Their web site lists both Total and Fresh Markets as retailers, but the ones close to me (Miami Shores/Aventura) don't carry it.

Anyone have a lead on some around?

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  1. I live in Hallandale Beach and bought it for first time at Fresh Market Whole Foods(Adventura), or Total wine-i don'remeber

    Actually enjoying my last bottle now-the lift off tab on cap is interesting touch-

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    1. re: jpr54_1

      Thank you! I hadn't realized the Fresh Market in Aventura had started carrying it. Wonderful news! I called and it's in stock, going on sale on Thursday. :)

    2. Wow, didn't know of anyone else that was a fan of this. Only place I'd found it was on trips to to World Market in Naples (on our trips to load up on Trader Joe's supplies). Glad it's now found locally.

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      1. re: lax2mia

        Huge fan for years, but had trouble finding it in the States, only got when I traveled.

        If you're a fan of "adult beverages" it's really good with Jack Daniels, or OUTSTANDING with Jack Daniels Honey (lemon is good with both, too). And of course there's the classic Dark & Stormy (rum, ginger beer and lime), or a Moscow Mule (vodka, lime and ginger beer)

      2. Just an update: The sale started today at Fresh Market. 4-pack of either Ginger Beer or Rootbeer for $5.99 (instead of $7.99), a $2 or 25% savings!

        Total Wine in Aventura at least also carries the Bundaberg Ginger Beer, even though when called they said they didn't. Will match the Fresh Market sale price.

        Let Fresh Market know how much we ginger beer lovers appreciate them carrying Bundaberg and putting it on sale!

        1. Hi BurBunny, our product should be available at both Total and Fresh Markets, however they may be out of stock. Perhaps try both stores again and ask the manager if you still can't find! Good luck for your search!